Monday, April 16

Coffee Table Inspiration

Coffee Table Inspiration

My roommate and I have been needing a new coffee table since, well, forever. What we have now works, but I don't think it's necessarily something either of us are dying to continue with. You can imagine my delight when one of my favorite websites, The Everygirl, had a feature on styling coffee tables. I am more than inspired, and am determined to use their suggestions and put ideas into reality! I'll be out of town this weekend, but next week I am going to start on this DIY project. The tables are only $7.99 from IKEA, which is great. I love the use of color in the top photos - how great is the leather couch with brightly colored and patterned pillows? I already have several coffee table books, and with a couple purchases on Amazon, Etsy, and Anthropologie, I am certain we can have the coffee table of our dreams for under $50... at least that's my goal. I'll keep you updated on the progress with lots of pics to come!!!

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