Sunday, January 27


What a fun weekend. No doubt it was a bit of a lazy one - but still such a great time and I continue to feel so blessed for the friendships I have already made and those that are just beginning. Loving this place. Also thinking that given the poor quality of all these pictures, I should probably start taking pictures with a real camera :) 

Girls at a friend's house for dinner pre-bowling. Cheeseburgers in January? Sounds like a perfect dinner to me! 

 Decided to change up our Saturday night plans and go cosmic bowling ... it was the best! I was terrible and not very consistent, but hey, the last time I bowled was once during senior year! Definitely down to bowl again - such a fun night.

 Nothing ends the weekend better than a little frozen yogurt from Sweet CeCe's! My favorite creation at the moment is Cake Batter and Vanilla with waffle cone, heath bar, and coconut. Seriously delicious.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great start to the week!

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