Thursday, February 7


Our Indiana Crewneck 

Fight The Team Crewneck 

Miami University Crewneck

Illinois Orange Krush Crewneck

It's kind of strange, but I never had a ton of Indiana apparel while I was at college, and probably even less now. It's pretty sad considering I'm super proud of my alma mater. I just don't want a t-shirt or plain sweatshirt that everyone else has. Luckily, I found a new brand, Homage, that has exactly what I'm looking for. Last night one of my sorority sisters Instagrammed a photo of 2 Indiana sweatshirts she just got in the mail and immediately I wanted to know where they were from. I loved the way they looked - super old school and like they've been well worn - a type of sweatshirt you just can't find at your local college bookstore. Luckily, Homage can take care of that. Homage is a Columbus-based company (hence why there is sooo much Ohio State gear) that pays tribute to "eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, politics and popular culture" through their custom clothing and accessories.

Even better news? Right now it's buy one, get one 50% off. I highly suggest finding a friend in need, heading over to, and placing your order... just in time for March Madness. If you are in need of some Big League Chew or #1 foam fingers, they've got you covered on that as well.

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