Monday, February 4


Ah.... what a great weekend.

I feel like I have been saying that every weekend, but it's just the truth. Every weekend is filled with some sort of happiness and fun, and I just love it.

Per my post on Friday, I went to Bloomington to be in the thick of College Gameday hysteria. But not before having a night out in Nashville on Friday and seeing Zac Brown Band at the bar... Seriously - is this life of mine real?!

 Photo compliments of Claire Malinowski :)

Saturday brought a lovely morning drive up to B-Town, making a quick pit stop to pick up my dearest friend Sara Michael. Oh my gosh, it was just a great day. Snow was on the ground, campus looked beautiful, and everyone was having such a good time and pumped for the game. And beating Michigan decisively and impressively made it THAT much better. 

My gorgeous home for 2 years in college... Miss this place and all the people in it! Sadly, didn't get to see Mom Smith... hopefully at Little 500 ;)

Beautiful Union, even when it's cold and there is snow on the ground.

Please move to Nashville ASAP?!

Cheers to a great weekend and a Hoosier victory! Now onto a tough stretch of games... Let's keep that #1 ranking :)

Happy Tuesday!

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