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Okay, okay. 

Taqueria Del Sol isn't exactly a local restaurant... it's actually a chain. But it just came to Nashville and it only has 7 locations (4 of them in Georgia) and I'm obsessed. I first had Taqueria when I visited my sister in Athens and let's just say it was love at first taste, partly because I love any kind of Mexican food and also because it's so yummy. When I heard a rumor that it was coming to Nashville, I legitmately stalked the website and signed up for the newsletter so I wouldn't be out of the loop. Freak alert.

So what's the deal with Taqueria? Why is it so tasty? For one, it mixes Mexican, Southern, and Southwestern cuisines, bringing diners a blend of tastes, all at an affordable price. The menu features six different tacos and four enchiladas to choose from, as well as soups, sides, and my favorite - chips and queso/salsa/guac. Each week (I know this because I'm on the mailing list), there are different specials - usually a new taco, entree, and lunch special. Last week Taqueria had a fried shrimp taco and after I had it once, I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to go back on Saturday to eat it again! (Like I said, freak alert). This week one of the specials is Shrimp and Grits - my mom and sister's favorite thing. Taqueria also has a fully stocked bar with delish margaritas - the perfect warm weather drink.

And since I've expressed my love for ambience, Taqueria's got it. Located in 12 South, it's the perfect neighborhood establishment. The white washed walls with blue accents and high ceilings make it feel very open and fresh, and it's got some cool star lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Also - this isn't your sit-down-waiter-take-your-order place. No, no. But it is personal. You walk in the restaurant and are instantly greeted by who I would presume to be the manager. He lets you know the specials, tells you his recommendations, and you walk on up to a cash register to place your order.  No sooner have you found somewhere to sit - inside or on the outside patio - and gotten a drink than you're getting your chips and queso. It's not too long before you get your food - man, is it delicious - and you're incredibly full but also planning the next time you can have a fried shrimp taco. :)

The inside of Taqueria pre-open, just missing a giant sun painted on the back wall!

If you live near a Taqueria, hurry, hurry, hurry and get some Mexican in your belly!

images via me & Taqueria FB page

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Blogger Ashley said...

Taqueria opened at UGA when I was there and everyone was obsessed! It's so good and I love the different tacos they have.

Blogger Rachel Black said...

UGA is where I first had Taqueria! My sister and all her friends are obsessed and now I definitely am too!


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