Thursday, March 14


Since about October when I planned to move to Nashville, I knew I needed to invest in a pair of cowboy boots. I think there is something seriously wrong with living in this city and not owning a pair... which is something I've been guilty of for the past four months. I wanted a pair at Christmas, but didn't know what kind I wanted, so I decided to wait. Now that it's getting to be spring weather, I feel like it's the perfect transitional boot to wear with dresses and skirts. It's a must that I own a pair!

Luckily, when I opened my bank account in Nashville, I received a $50 gift card to be redeemed at a my choice of a large list of retailers. After much debating on where my money should go, I've decided this is the perfect opportunity to finally buy cowboy boots - and luckily Shepler's Westernwear was on the retailer list.

I'm thinking I'll get these - what do ya'll think? My sister has the same pair, but I think they sort of go with everything. Plus, they're not too expensive, so if I want to buy another pair later down the road, I won't feel guilty.

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