Monday, April 29

Birthday Week

Whew I had a great weekend. I love being in Oxford and Double Decker is pretty awesome. Patrick and I had a great time - even when we were running home in the torrential downpour Saturday night!

So guess what! It's my birthday week! And I have a confession. I'm one of those people who loves my birthday. You know, the annoying person who lets everyone know at least 2 weeks ahead of time that it's coming up, celebrates for the entire month week just because, feels like the day should be rewarded in excessive amounts of cake, and typically has some sort of social event surrounding the day. Yep, that's usually me. Except this year, my birthday has completely and totally snuck up on me. I'm not quite sure where April has gone, but here we are and it's almost May and I'm almost 24. EEEEK. Cue the balloons and confetti... and gifts! Here are a few things that I think are great gifts - for myself or any twenty something girl.

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