Tuesday, May 28


Did everyone have a fabulous Memorial Day? I can't even explain how much I loved having Monday off. That extra day just made such a difference and the best part? Today is Wednesday. AKA 2 more mornings that I have to wake up early for work. Thumbs up y'all, thumbs up. 

Anyways, I had a pretty great weekend given that I had no plans going into it. Initially, I had thought I would go to Hilton Head, but then things just didn't pan out. So I spent my Friday night at Soulshine in Midtown, hanging out on the patio, listening to music and drinking my Blue Moon.

Tasty looking, huh?! Anyways, then I get a text in one of my group chats from my best friend Ali, and it starts off something like "So I didn't know who to call first but......." and I naturally start FREAKING out because I know exactly what that text is going to say. And I was right - SHE IS ENGAGED! Her fiance, the one and only Daniel Bowen, proposed in Hilton Head right on the beach where essentially they met (we all lifeguarded together). I could not be more happy for them - talk about one of the best, sweetest, loving couples I know. Such an exciting, exciting time and I cannot wait for all of the festivities ahead, celebrating these beautiful, wonderful friends of mine!

The happy couple almost 3 years ago at the Hilton Head Diner :)

For the rest of the weekend, I spent most my time at the pool and it was so nice to finally soak in some rays after arguably one of the worst springs I've had to endure in my recent memory. Saturday night I went out with friends and now I'm to the second half of my post title. After a cookout at Patrick's, we decided to go to Loser's for a "few beers" (let's be honest, that never happens). We were casually drinking Bud Lights when KP is like "Oh my gosh Justin Timberlake is here." 

Okay. It's not really Justin Timberlake. At least, I don't think so. He wasn't with Jessica Biel. But can we talk about how this man is the doppleganger of ALL dopplegangers?! Holy crap. Just google "Justin Timberlake in a hat" and you will agree with me if you're crazy and don't already. We had a grand time with him, and even though I kept forgetting his name, it was okay because I could just call him JT. We tried to get him to sing Mirrors and Suit and Tie... and Senorita... but he wouldn't. 

Those are my Memorial Day weekend highlights. An engagement, Justin Timberlake, pool... Yep. Sounds great to me!


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