Thursday, June 16

Look for Less

I love a good look for less, and I also love a good jumpsuit. So bring the two together and it's a perfect blog post! When I saw Liz wearing this Club Monaco jumpsuit, I was in love. First of all, I'm a sucker for anything blue and white these days (if you've followed my recent blog posts, you've probably noticed a trend!) and a jumpsuit is just such an awesome piece of clothing. It's like a dress, but almost chicer and cooler.

I knew I couldn't afford the nearly $300 price tag on it, so luckily I found this $80 version from Loft that is maybe almost even better than Club Monaco's. Where as the Club Monaco one is a little dressier, the Loft version can be dressed up easily with wedges and jewelry, or worn casually with sandals. And well, the price - you really can't beat that.

Loft is currently running 50% off sale prices, which includes this jumpsuit. All sizes are still available, so hurry, hurry! For reference, I sized down from my typical small. 

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