Tuesday, January 8

2013 GOALS

Okay - so I'm about 7 days late on this post. I've never been big into New Year's resolutions - it's one of those things that is a nice idea the beginning of January, but come March, I've typically forgotten or abandoned pretty much all of the resolutions I made for myself. But I've been thinking of a few goals I'd love to make (and keep!) this year.

1. Focus less on the future and live more in the moment.  This is something I really want to improve on. I don't know if it comes as a result of loving to plan, but I'm always thinking - and a lot of times dreaming - of the next step, rather than simply enjoying where I am. Time to chill out and enjoy the present.

2. Take full advantage of living in Nashville. I've already been able to experience some pretty cool things in my short time in Nash, but I want to really make Nashville feel like home and see/do all this city has to offer. Probably time to make a bucket list!

3. Write more snail mail. Who doesn't love getting a handwritten note on a pretty card? It's my goal to write a few quick notes to friends and family each month. I love any time I hear from friends, but there is always something so special about it being handwritten and not via email.

4. Stop comparing my blog to others and remember why I started Love Your Life. Blogs have completely exploded, and I have a fair share that I follow, from interior design to fashion to lifestyle. I absolutely love reading posts from all these talented women each day, but I need to stop comparing my blog to theirs. I worry my posts don't look professional enough, that I'm not established enough, fashionable enough, etc. I started this blog to reflect on and share all the things I love, and it's time I stop worrying about what my content looks like as much as having content. On that note, I would love if some of my friends and readers would leave comments on what they would like to see more of on my blog - or what some of their favorite posts have been. It would mean so much to me and would really help motivate me if I knew what you all wanted to see :)

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