Tuesday, February 12


It's no secret that Target is ah-mazing. I've said it once and I will say it many, many more times: I can walk in there with every intention to ONLY buy toothpaste and contact solution, and inevitably walk out with a new jacket, candle, some Valentine's Day paper I found in the $1 section, and who knows what else. On Saturday I headed to Target for basic necessities, but thanks to a tip from my mom, left with a sweet new chambray blazer, seen above. Can we just talk about how cute that blazer is? And the seersucker one? The photos really don't do them justice - very lightweight, comfortable, versatile... yep I'm obsessed with my chambray one. Not to mention these shoes.... hello, perfect spring shoe. Perfect for the days when you're ready to wear spring/summer attire but open toed sandals might be cutting it a little too close. I would have bought these as well, but they were sold out in my average-everyone-wears-it 8.5 size. Time to stalk other Targets! This fabulous smelling candle was also fully stocked.

In other life news:
 - Went to my FIRST EVER hockey game on Sunday, Predators vs. Blackhawks. Blackhawks dominated and I accidentally cheered for them multiple times... what can I say, I'm from Illinois!!! Also, Sam Palladio (Gunnar from Nashville) sat 1 row in front of us. I swear, I'm not stalking him.

Have a great Wednesday!

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