Thursday, April 25


Hooray it is FRIDAY! I feel like this week just sped by, which is always a happy thing. It's probably because I had a few fun things throughout the week - my parents came in town Wednesday and we did a little birthday dinner at The Southern and my friends and I did a little shopping last night. And now it's Friday!!! Do ya'll have wonderful plans for this weekend? I hope whether it's relaxing and watching a movie or taking a fun trip, you all have a fab Saturday and Sunday!

I am headed to Oxford, Mississippi for Double Decker weekend at Ole Miss. Double Decker is a huge arts festival on the Oxford Square with tons of live music, good food and original art. There is typically a baseball game over the weekend, which is a really fun time as well - Ole Miss has a great fan base. Since Patrick and I haven't been there since OCTOBER (seems like forever), both of us are super excited. Him more than me, most likely, since that is his alma mater and all... but what can I say, Oxford holds a special place in my heart :) 

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