Tuesday, May 7


Guys. Life is great. I've spent the past 10 days in pure happiness, starting with a trip to Ole Miss. Patrick and I went to Oxford for Double Decker weekend (huge art festival with outdoor concerts all day Saturday) and even though the forecast said 80% chance of rain throughout the day, it held off until 11pm, just in time for our walk home from the bars. As always, it's great to be in Oxford. Definitely have developed a special place in my heart for it! Last week brought both our birthdays - I am May 1 and he is May 2! I spent the day celebrating with co-workers at a fun lunch, then out with my best friends at Puckett's Grocery. This weekend was the long-awaited Kentucky Derby and although it rained and was miserably cold, we made the most of it, thanks to an excellent stroke of luck and getting access to the Jockey Club.

 A wonderful weekend in Oxford for Double Decker.

 Birthday flowers from my co-workers

 Puckett's Grocery for a birthday dinner - such a fun scene.

Me and my main squeeze celebrating our back-to-back birthdays.

 Best friends.

 Derby weekend!

 Our view from the Jockey Club

 Great host, even better friend :)

Hope you all are having a great start of the week!

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Blogger j whitney nic said...

So cute. I was in oxford for Double Decker too. Did you go to school there?

Blogger Rachel Black said...

No, I went to Indiana, but my boyfriend went to Ole Miss!


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