Tuesday, October 1


I just love being home. After living in Atlanta and being a plane ride away from my family, I absolutely love, love, love that I am only a drive away. This past weekend was the Illinois-Miami of Ohio game and since a ton of my Champaign friends went to Miami, it was an obvious time for a reunion. It was such a short trip, but as always it was wonderful being with my friends. We are in Nashville, DC, Cincinnati, and Chicago, so reunions are few and hard to come by. We had a great day tailgating with our families and friends, watching Illinois crush Miami and then the Dawgs take on the Tigers (Go Georgia!). We played beersbie at the Hobbs, scarfed down Monicals pizza and Custard Cup, and fell asleep way earlier than planned. Sunday brought church and relaxation with my family, and it went by all too fast! I headed back to Nashville sad to be leaving such wonderful people, but very blessed to have them all in my life.

Happy Tuesday!

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Blogger Whitney Biber said...

a drive away = sounds blissful. so glad you got to go, my friend!

Blogger chelsie | chelsie, darling said...

sounds like a fun weekend with friends! x


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