Monday, March 31


I mentioned last Friday that I was headed to DC for the weekend for Taste of the South. What a fun weekend!!! It's becoming increasingly difficult and rare for so many of my friends to be in one place, but when we are, it's a blast. 

We watched plenty of basketball, had a boozy brunch (something Nashville is seriously lacking), and ate a ton of puppy chow (thanks Whitney). Saturday night was the main event - TOTS - awesome swag bags (I have 8 new coozies), awesome food and AWESOME dancing. I think we were dancing for 4 hours straight, which is totally typical. It was so great to be together. As my friend Kaitlyn and I said, we just like being in each others presence! Luckily, it's our friend Ali's bachelorette party in just 33 (no one's counting...) days at the Kentucky Derby, so we get Round 2 all over again! Cannot wait.

Happy Monday!


Blogger Meghan Kraft said...

This looks like so much fun! And I am definitely with you on the Nashville brunch thing - the best I've had is Marche in East :) So glad you ladies had such a fun time!


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