Monday, June 13

full heart

It's a short and quick post today - I got back late last night from an incredible wedding weekend celebrating one of my dearest friends and her HUSBAND! It was one of those great wedding weekends where everyone just exuded happiness. We laughed so much, danced our feet off, and just had the best time. Weekends like this are so good for the soul, as my friend Natalie said. No matter how tired I am, I leave with such a full and grateful heart, and full of peace. These weekends remind me how lucky I am to have the amazing friends and family that I do. In light of the tragedy in Orlando over the weekend, I thank and praise God for each and every day I get to spend with the people I love so dearly. 

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Blogger Ashley Greenwell said...

Such a precious picture and a beautiful reminder to hug those we love a little tighter. xx


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