Tuesday, June 7

summer bucket list

So, I planned on doing a look for less post today, and then once I sat down and started, I realized two of my looks were sold out! So here we are at Plan B - my summer bucket list! It's beginning to really feel like summer, isn't it?! It has finally stopped raining every single day here in Lexington and the temperatures are getting higher and I LOVE it. I just wish that I could enjoy the summer days like I used to - being at the pool or beach with friends! I have a few trips coming up in July (Charleston and Austin !!!!!), but for the weekends that I am in Lexington, I want to make sure I make the most of them.

image c/o The Blue Bijou

go to a drive-in movie   |  Growing up, going to the drive-in was a summer ritual. My mom would make homemade caramel corn and we'd pack up the suburban with tons of blankets and friends. There are a few drive-ins near lexington that look like good options - just need a great movie! 

visit 3 new breweries   |   Lexington doesn’t just do bourbon - they do craft beer, too! There are quite a few breweries in the area and I need to make a day of visiting them and trying out the different beers. 

go cabrewing   |   This is one of my favorite summer activities. Grab a group of friends, pack a cooler full of summer shandys and take a canoe trip down the river. It’s just the happiest day!

make s’mores   |   Because, why not? Is there anything that feels more summer than a great, melty s’more? I didn’t think so. Make sure to watch The Sandlot while eating s'mores. 

host olympics party   |   The Summer Olympics are hands down one of my favorite sporting events. I just want to take off work and do nothing but watch everything, even archery (it's addicting!) My friends and I are planning a beer olympics day for opening ceremonies, which is sure to be an eventful day.

What's on your summer bucket list? Did any of mine make yours?

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Blogger Silex In The City said...

Great list. I love the term "cabrewing", ha! I have never heard that used before.

Blogger Ashley Greenwell said...

We love trying out new breweries! Give me a good IPA any day ;)

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Thank you! Cabrewing is the best term :)

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I'm right there with you!


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