Wednesday, September 25


I get my couch in today, which basically means now the living room can start to come together. We have two open walls and I'd like to do some sort of gallery wall on one of them. I love Mackenzie's gallery wall in her NYC apartment - and if you haven't already seen her apartment feature on Glitter Guide, check it out immediately after reading this! I've already collected a couple good prints, like this "Hey Y'all" print to start one in our living room, but it's definitely not something you can just throw together in a weekend. I like the idea of having this Nashville neighborhood print somewhere in our house - but I think I would want to do a custom order of a simple black print on white matte paper. It's honestly amazing how long it takes to get a house to feel like a home... but it's definitely worth it seeing everything come together!

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Blogger Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

You should email me some photos! We are always looking for room or home tours for the everygirl! :) allyson (at) theeverygirl (dot) com


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