Thursday, June 9

5 great tassel earrings

Remember when statement necklaces were totally the thing? And we couldn't get enough of arm parties?

Well, I think it's the time of the statement earring.

Don't get me wrong - I still love a good statement necklace every now and then, but earrings are just doing it so much more for me right now. It sounds silly, but I love that I can choose how they make their statement - with my hair pulled back, proudly showing off the earrings, or with my hair down, making them slightly less noticeable. The trend really seems to be some sort of tassel, so I've rounded up five of my favorite tassel earrings under $60.

1. Club Monaco Tassel Earrings (under $20!)
5. Vanessa Mooney Tassel Earring (comes in 5 colors)

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Blogger Kindly Kentucky said...

These are all great! I'll take one of each please! Cheers, Laura

Blogger Sienna said...

I love the white ones!


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