Thursday, December 31

i miss....

home away from home -- our office

morning on the beach, taking it easy.

third of july boat ride with friends

flip cup at remy's

pants party

kayak relays for lifeguard training

Friday, December 18

my christmas wishlist

a few things i hope are under the tree....

I have never been too picky with my Christmas presents. There are always a couple big ticket items I want, like my tall chestnut UGGS I got last year. Otherwise, I leave it up to my mom. Luckily for me, my mom has an incredible sixth sense at knowing what I want. I can say, "well I would really like some more sweaters..." and never fail, there will be sweaters under the tree. And never do I have to return them.
But the best is when we are surprised. One year, it was a new computer. My brothers have gotten new bikes that were secretly hidden in the garage. Last year, we got a Wii and I got a new J.Crew coat in a beautiful purple color. Never asked for it, but completely in love with it.
Given her success rate, I have no doubt that I will once again be happy. After all, in the end it's not the presents that matter, but the people you are with.

Friday, December 11

most wonderful time of the year