Tuesday, April 29


I'm back!!! 

So it wasn't quite a week long blog break, more like a three week break but oh, I think it was needed and I feel so much better coming back to blogging after it. Sometimes you just need to recharge and refresh, you know?! 

Notice anything different about my site?! I don't know how you couldn't! I've completely changed the layout and design and I have to say - I'm pretty obsessed. If anything, going through this change was exactly what I (and my blog) needed. 

A couple new features - check out the Nashville Guide tab at the top of the page. I've listed my favorite restaurants, bars, and things to do in the city, so whether you live here and need inspiration or you're planning a trip, you now have a new resource! I will be updating it too as new things pop up, but this is my tried and true. I'll be adding a couple more pages in the next month, but right now I'm loving this addition.

You can also share the content and images at the end of each post, so if you love any images, pin and share away! Or if a post is just too good to be true, email it, Facebook it, do whatever with it.

Hopefully you like, because I love! More good things coming this way. And if you don't already, follow me on:


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Tuesday, April 8


Here's the thing. I've been bad about posting. I don't know - I think I'm in a bit of an inspiration slump and quite honestly, worn down from my 9-5 job. I spend the majority of my day at a computer. When I get home after a long day - or week -  many times the last thing I want to do is log onto my personal computer and draft a post. And many, many times, the brain power and inspiration just isn't there. I'm just tired. Especially as of late.

It's not an excuse, but hey, it's reality and I don't think I'm the only blogger who feels this way. So I'm going to give myself a little break - a spring break! I'm going to take a week or so away from the blog (promise me all you readers will still be here when I return?!) and get reinspired, refreshed, and ready to go. Maybe even a little blog redesign?! Who knows. I just know that the motivation and inspiration is just not here, and rather than throwing up some silly, half assed post, I'm going to take some time to really develop great content.

I think that's fair, right?! I'll see you all when I get back :) And if you have any advice for inspiration or motivation, I'd love to hear your comments and advice.

Tuesday, April 1


This winter I invested in a new everyday purse from J.Crew and have used it like crazy. Next on my purse wishlist is a new clutch I can use casually or dress up. I have a great one from J.Crew that I got for Christmas a few years ago, but it's always good to have options, right? I'm really loving these embossed python clutches from Gigi New York - I mean how beautiful are they?! And the fact that you can add a monogram is just so clutch! Ha!


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