Monday, December 31


Happy New Year's Eve all! Although this is probably my least favorite holiday, I hope that everyone has a fun filled night ringing in 2013, with lots and lots of champagne and PLENTY of dancing! My night won't be nearly as Hollywood/romantic comedy as in When Harry Met Sally, but it is one of my favorite movies and I love this closing scene on New Years Eve :)

See you next year!

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Friday, December 14


Can you believe that Christmas is a short 11 days away?! I don't know where this month has gone, and it seems like one of my favorite holidays is flying right by. Even though I've watched several Christmas movies, decorated a tree, participated in Secret Santa at work, and done almost all of my Christmas shopping, I don't particularly feel in the Christmas spirit! Does anyone else feel this way? I'm hoping that this weekend will bring me some Christmas cheer with a tacky sweater party on Saturday, going to see the lights at Opryland tonight, and a cookie party and wrapping gifts on Sunday. Speaking of gifts, how cute are these free printable gift tags from Miss Modern Blog? I think these will be gracing my presents this year! To print them, just go to the website, scroll down to the tags and click "Add to Cart". Easy as that! Enjoy friends! And Happy Weekend!

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Monday, December 10


YIKES GUYS! Despite my best efforts, I have been terrible and not posted in SO LONG. And not for a lack of inspiration, but I've just felt so busy getting settled into my new job and this new city! Let me tell you, I am so happy. I am definitely liking my job although I have a ton to learn - media planning isn't like anything I have ever done before, but I'm excited by the challenge and opportunity to learn something new. Plus, there are some great perks, like going to lunches with sales reps, or going to the Grammy Nomination Concert to see some of the best in the industry perform - seriously cool. Besides the job, I'm feeling so blessed and lucky to have a great group of girlfriends established here. Couldn't be happier or feel more "right" being here! Now everyone come visit :)

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