Thursday, June 28

Despite Patrick's indifference, I am a pretty big fan of the maxi dress and that it's made a comeback after a couple years. Sadly, the only one I own is from Target's sleepwear section and I wear it more to lounge around in than go to dinner with friends. After perusing Shopbop and their maxi dress selections, I've found a few that I would love to have in my closet. I've actually seen the first Vince dress  in person at Neiman Marcus and it is just so silky and comfortable and the color makes it a staple I could wear over and over again. The Splendid dress is super cute with the bow and I love the neutral colors. It could be dressed up or down - same as the Vince maxi. The next two could be worn to a more formal occasion, like a wedding or cocktail party. I do think the Tibi dress could be worn in a more casual setting as the fabric is a jersey material. How do yall feel about the maxi trend? Any favorites?

Trying to Remember...

With my second internship ending and the prospect of a job not looking so bright, I have to remind myself that I will not feel like this forever, I will not live pay check to pay check forever, I will not feel unstable forever. Even if that's kinda sorta how I feel right now. Post grad is tough, and anyone who tells you differently is seriously mistaken or jaded. But knowing that something better has to happen and WILL happen is what keeps me moving right along. Until then, looks like I'll be applying to countless jobs, hoping someone will take a chance on me, and finding any way to pay my rent in the meantime. Fun times y'all, fun times. 1 day until the weekend :)

Tuesday, June 26

Someone Like ... David Nail

Really loving this David Nail cover of "Someone Like You." Been listening to it on repeat, as well as Call Your Girlfriend by Lennon and Maisy. They are so much cooler than I was at age 12 and 8. Sigh.

Monday, June 25

Monday Mission

Happy Monday! It's always hard to come to work after a lovely weekend of sun, friends, and fun, but there's no reason the good times have to stop just because it's the work week. Make it a mission to do more in the after work hours - whether it's exploring, crafting, reading - whatever! I'm sure life will feel more robust and brimming with happiness than before.  Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 22

Happy Birthday Janie!!!


the best sister in the entire world!!!

Happy Birthday Jane!!! I am so excited to spend the day and night with you at Lady Antebellum and I am SO glad you are finally 21 so we don't have to stagger our bar entrances or order a bottle of wine and discreetly pass you some. 

I love you! Happiest of Happy Birthdays :)

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Thursday, June 21

Pretty Pillows

I feel like I am constantly on the search for pillows, either for the couch or for the chair in my room (still searching). I can usually find some that I like, but they always seem to be $50+ and that is just a little too expensive for me right now. However, thanks to Pinterest and Etsy, I found these pillows by UrbanPillow. I love the classic patterns as well as the ikat and they come at a completely affordable price around $22.00. If you're looking for a new pillow or two - make sure you check these out. They'll give your home a decorating uplift without breaking the bank!

Thursday, June 14

Sky High, bye bye!

I'm normally a sky high kind of heel girl - 4+ inches make my legs look that much longer and skinnier, and let's be honest, who doesn't want that?! However, I've kind of been in a lower heel kick recently. Maybe it's because 4 inch heels don't always seem appropriate for my work environment, or maybe because they're just that much more comfortable to wear all day. Regardless, I'm digging these Dolce Vita sandals after seeing them on dreams + jeans, as well as these with an even lower heel from Sam Edelman. The Dolce Vita sandals are a perfect summertime shoe that can be worn with shorts for a little more relaxed, but polished look, or with a dress or skirt for the office. These J.Crew sandals were also on sale at our local J.Crew for $49.99 with an extra 30% off, and even though I have a similar pair from Franco Sarto, it still took a lot of restraint to not buy them... It's hard for me to resist a great deal!

What do you think? Are you as into the lower heel trend as I am?

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Friday, June 8


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend full of fun, relaxation, and SUN! It's the first weekend of June, hooooray!


Stylin' with H&M

I rarely shop at H&M for two reasons. One, because the store is 6 miles away. In theory, that doesn't seem very far but when you factor in Atlanta traffic, you're looking at a 30 minute trek. Two, I usually walk in and am overwhelmed by the lack of organization and mass amounts of clothing I have to rifle through. It's like Forever 21, but with a (sometimes) more streamlined look. Being in the trying financial times that I'm in, it's hard for me to justify spending $70+ on a dress or $50+ on a top because I know that's grocery AND gas money for a week. Welcome to the life of a perpetual intern :) Thinking of H&M and how they're kind of like a cheaper Zara, I decided to peruse the website and found a few things I liked that would make nice additions to the wardrobe without breaking the bank. The beige tank blouse is only $4.95. It may not be the best quality, but let's be honest, that's cheaper than a drink at Buckhead Saloon and the ROI is way better too. Looks like I might have to make the 6 mile journey this weekend and see what they've got to offer! 

Thursday, June 7

Lilly Pulitzer, Botanical Gardens, and Cocktails!

For the next four Thursdays in June, Lilly Pulitzer will be hosting the Atlanta Botanical Garden's "Cocktails in the Garden". The cocktail hour goes from 6-10pm with DJs, chef demos, and a free cocktail with admission. Better yet, the first 50 guests to arrive wearing Lilly get a FREE gift bag!  If you're not doing anything on Thursday evenings, make sure to take advantage and enjoy this lovely experience! 

Visit @ATLBotanical on Twitter to get tickets for $10, instead of the normal $18.95. 

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Wednesday, June 6

Wedding Bells and Gifts

We've gotten to that age and that time of the year where it seems like weddings are taking over our summers and before we know it, it's fall. Yikes! While weddings are incredibly fun and exciting, they can also be exhausting. And eventually, you may run out of gift ideas for the bride and groom. While it's easy and efficient to turn to the couple's registry, sometimes it's fun to be a little bit more creative. Here are a few of my personal picks for couples everywhere.

Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow  // Perfect addition to the newlywed's home.

Crate and Barrel Corn Picks // This seems silly, but with summer in full swing, these will come in handy! Plus, they are a great color. Add some salad tongs and cutting board and any grill master will love this gift.

Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail Glasses // These are just too cute not to give a newly married couple. Agree?

Kate Spade Illustrated Cake Plate // Because there are certain to be many celebrations that require cake and a great cake plate.

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