Wednesday, August 22

Kate Spade Sale

Well geez. Why do the fashion gods torment me with all these online sales? First Lilly Pulitizer and now Kate Spade. Seriously, check out both sales if you want to score some serious deals. I'm pretty sure everything on Lilly Pulitizer is under $100 and Kate Spade has some great deals on their beautiful jewelry and watches. If you're not an early Christmas shopper, maybe you should be with all these deals. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm tempted.... Check out Kate Spade's sale HERE and Lilly's HERE! Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, August 8

Love to Save

If you haven't heard, polka dots are all the rage this fall. (Hey look, another post about fall clothing!) And it never hurts to invest in another sweater to live in your closet. Yesterday I stopped in Old Navy on my hunt to find sandals I can stand in for 8 hours. On one of the first tables, I spotted (pun intended?) some super cute sweaters with polka dots. A kelly green with navy dots, white with black dots and camel with black dots. And something about those cute sweaters looked veryyy familiar. 

Well wouldn't you know, I have seen the same thing in J.Crew! So alas, here is the next installment of Splurge vs. Steal! If cashmere and spending lots of monies is your thing, splurge on J.Crew. If you don't see polka dots living in your closet forever and you're on a budget, pick Old Navy! You really can't go wrong with either, and the Old Navy choice is a tenth of the price of J.Crew.

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Falling for J.Crew Fall

I know it's August 8th. I know that come January, I'm going to be ready for spring temperatures and laying at the pool. But with this Atlanta heat, I can't help but pine for the days of cooler weather, boots and layers, and leaves falling. Am I crazy? Probably. But I don't think I'm the only one looking forward to fall!

I'm loving some of the pieces in J.Crew's Fall/Winter lookbook, like patterned pants, the tweed jacket, and updated fair isle sweater... and FYI, you can pre-order any looks on

I also would love to add some of these basics to my wardrobe... 

Great, classic dress that can be dressed up or dressed down

 I'm a firm believer you can never have too many cardigans.

A classic camel color like this never goes out of style.

I love the cut of this dress, in fact, I have it in 2 prints. I think I would prefer the red option though....

Probably #2 on my fall list - burgundy minnie pants. Love.

What styles and trends are you looking forward to for fall? Or are you wishing the heat and sundresses would never end? 

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Monday, August 6

friends are all you need

It's amazing what a weekend with great friends can do. I'm seriously so lucky and blessed to have the friends that I do, and even luckier that three of them live in Nashville, just 3.5 hours away from me. After much debating due to car issues (come on Impala.... whyyyy?!), I decided to drive to Nashville Saturday morning and I am SO glad that I did. Sometimes you just need a night on the town, brunch with your girlfriends, and lots and lots of laughs.

And on a side note, I'm completely in love with Nashville :)

 Dinner at Bar Louie

 Theta does Nashville :)

 It really does make sense why it's called Nash-Vegas!!!

 So much fun, totally my scene. Country music and 80s and 90s covers!

My wonderful hosts and beautiful friends inside and out!

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