Thursday, October 30


Hi everyone! Annie is back for the final post of our Weekend in the City series. I hope you all have enjoyed following along as much as we've enjoyed highlighting our favorite spots! Now I just have to get her to visit Nashville :)


Hey everyone!! I’m back for my last post on my favorite topic: BRUNCH! Charleston has about a million places to eat brunch, but one of my very favorites is Edmund's Oast. It’s located in an up and coming area of Charleston, and they only serve brunch on Sundays. It’s so worth it.

Their french fries may actually be the best I’ve ever had (sorry, Bloodhound!!!). PLUS they come with this delicious curry sauce - amazing. I highly recommend the pickled shrimp, and I hear the burger is one of the best in Charleston.

Another major plus: beautiful branding and decor. For dinner (or brunch if you would rather skip the mimosas/bloodies), they have over 40 beers on tap, and some of them (including a PB&J blend) are brewed in house. Oh, and if you’re their for dinner, definitely get the cheese plate or the ricotta. YUM. 

Obviously I like the french fries.

My church is pretty casual, so my Sunday brunch outfit looks a lot like this. Cozy sweater ($19!!!), statement necklace (similar), black jeans (by far my favorite EVER), more of the same sneakers and a big bag (similar) per usual for all of my notebooks, water bottles, Bible, etc etc etc.  (Also, this is what happens when I take solo shots.)

I’ve loved this little mini-series Rachel and I have gotten to do! Isn’t she the best!? If you’re ever in Charleston, give me a shout! I’d love to meet for brunch, drinks, or coffee :) I have a feeling there might be a new place or two to show you, too. Thanks for following along and happy Thursday! Xoxo 

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Monday, October 27


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Always too soon to go back to work though, isn't it?

Today I'm talking coffee table books and a few that are on my wishlist/radar. I personally love them and think they are a great source of inspiration as well as information. With the holiday season (is that actually almost here?!) around the corner, they can also function as awesome gifts.

I love Kate Spade's The Things We Love - so many colorful and beautiful images, so I can only imagine this one is equally as good. Plus that green cover? Definitely makes a statement on any coffee table.

I have followed Erin's blog for a couple years now and she has impeccable taste in both interior design and fashion, plus a general sense of wit and humor. I have heard nothing but great things about this book - sometimes when bloggers publish a book, it's a total rendition of their blog - but it doesn't seem like that is the case with Erin's book. On the wishlist.

Camille is just a little bit of a pro when it comes to entertaining. The book has tons of ideas for throwing the perfect party - from simple DIYs to recipes, to craft cocktails and playlists. A perfect gift for any friend that loves to entertain (or aspires to). 

Tory Burch is an icon when it comes to classic style and fashion, so should we expect anything less from her book? The book is organized by color and full of inspiration from her travels across the globe, her personal entertaining advice, interviews with business leaders, and more. Not your run of the mill fashion book - Tory actually takes it to a new level and pulls it off, of course, effortlessly.

Any great books that you have your eye on?

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Thursday, October 23


Hi everyone! Annie is back today for the second post in our Weekend in the City series! Today she's sharing her favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning in Charleston. Be sure to stop by her blog to see how I spend my Saturdays in Nashville! Enjoy!

Saturday morning in Charleston mean Farmers’ Market time. To be totally honest, Saturdays are usually my days that I like to sleep in, but when I have a week where I’m going to be cooking a lot, I try to make it to the Farmers’ Market in Marion Square. I love walking around (with a coffee or smoothie in hand - depending on the weather!), taking photos, and picking out some of my favorite fruits and vegetables to enjoy for the week. I love the vendors that have a little something different - from Rewined candles to Carolina sea salt - there’s a pretty cool combo of vendors and products, but definitely get there early!

Favorite things to buy include honey crisp apples and different kinds of (spicy) peppers. This weekend though, it’s time for a pumpkin! I love decorating for fall. 

Last time I was in town on a Saturday, it wasn’t quite so cool outside, so I wore comfy shorts, easy sneakers, and a scarf. For now, though, I would still go for comfort with a pair of my new favorite black jeans instead of my silk shorts and maybe add a coat to the look (I’m dying over this one). 

Shirt | Scarf (similar) | Shoes | Jeans | Glasses | Bag


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Wednesday, October 22


Now that the temperatures are actually dropping (it was 48 degrees when I woke up this morning!) it's time for me to seriously start investing in pieces to carry me from November through February. On the top of my wishlist? Over the knee boots. I'm picturing pairing these with my black J.Crew pixie pants, cozy sweaters, pretty tops, chambray shirts - really anything! I think they would also look super chic with black tights and a skirt or dress.

I've rounded up a few great options that hit all price ranges. If you are saving your pennies or not sure about the trend, your most affordable option is with Chinese Laundry for $99. Worth the splurge? Trust Olivia Palermo and make the splurge for the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot. A total classic, but a hefty price tag ($635). As for me, I think I'm falling somewhere in the middle with either the Vince Camuto or the Louise et Cie options. Both are nearly replicas of the 5050 boot, so I don't think I can go wrong!

What are your thoughts on over the knee boots? Yay or nay?


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Tuesday, October 21


As I mentioned yesterday, I spent Wednesday-Sunday on Hilton Head Island for my best friend's wedding. Besides being a much needed vacation, it was the most perfect wedding trip ever and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a little post-vacation/wedding depression. All of our best friends and family friends were in one place and the majority of our time was spent on the beach.


On Thursday morning, Ali's grandpa took the wedding party out on his boat for 3 hours. It was the perfect way to kick off the wedding weekend and we had so much fun chatting and soaking in the sun. 


On Friday morning, one of our family friends taught us a Zumba class on the beach. I felt really uncoordinated, and we definitely got a lot of stares, but we had such a blast! One woman riding her bike even stopped and joined in on the fun.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach with friends and family. There literally wasn't a cloud in the sky. We played tons of Kan-Jam and Kadima, went out on paddleboards and kayaks, and basked in the sun. So perfect.

Saturday we got ready at the house, which was really relaxing, and took pictures early afternoon. I can't wait to see how the professional photos turn out.

Ali was the most stunning bride. She was absolutely radiant and shining with so much happiness and love. I definitely teared up seeing her walk down the aisle.

The father of the groom performed the ceremony. It was such a beautiful and sweet ceremony and you could feel God's love everywhere. Especially sweet was the siblings of the bride and groom singing Multiplied by Needtobreathe.

 The rest of the night was spent as any other wedding would go - and it was absolutely perfect. The toasts were funny but sentimental, the first dance made me cry, the food was incredible, and the band ROCKED. I think we would have been dancing until 3 am if we had the choice!

Congratulations and cheers to Ali and Daniel! I feel so lucky and blessed to have been part of your day and surrounded by so much love and happiness. Love you both so very much!

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Monday, October 20


Oh, hello Monday. Excuse my lack of posting - if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I was in Hilton Head, SC for the majority of last week and the weekend to stand by my best friend as she got married! It was an absolutely amazing time with the best family and friends I could ask for. I'll have a full recap tomorrow, but for now, the brain hasn't quite turned on. I think I'm still on island time :)

Thursday, October 16


Happy Thursday, everyone! Annie is here to kick off the start of our Weekend in the City series, and she's got a great post for you on where to get drinks while in Charleston! Make sure to check out my Nashville pick over on her blog!

Hi everyone! To kick off our weekend in the city collaboration, Rachel and I decided to feature our favorite spots to grab a drink in town. I loooove having people visit me in Charleston, and one of my favorite things to do is take them to get drinks somewhere fun. There are lots of fun options, but if dinner is after sunset, The Rooftop at the Vendue is my favorite spot! It boasts beautiful views of East Bay, which hosts some of the best restaurants in Charleston. You can also see the water, which isn’t the case for some of the other rooftops in town. My favorite drink to order: The Skinny which is Tito’s, St. Germain, pomegranate purée, and grapefruit juice - light and refreshing! Another option for the margarita lovers (or Instagram-seekers) is the Hot Lolita which is habanero-infused Don Julio Blanco, Cointreu, and cactus pear purée - it’s the hot pink beauty from my Instagram and above!

We’re in the south, so even in October and November, I look for light layers in dark, fall colors. My go-to uniform is my pair of trouser jeans (above), my Tibi black racerback tank (above), a light blazer (similar above), black wedges (booties above), gold accessories (Charleston Rice Beads, of course), and a pop of color in a clutch (Clare V. foldover above). Really, I wear this outfit too often, but I they are some of my favorite pieces, and those are the things that make you feel the most confident, you know?!

If you ever make your way to Charleston - which you should - put rooftop drinks on the to-do list (and give me a call, too)!!

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Thursday, October 9


Happy Thursday y'all! Do I have something ever so exciting to share today! 

You may have seen me mention my newest blogger friend Annie Reeves before. I adore her blog, her instagram is addicting, and we share an undying love for tacos! Basically, we are blogging soul sistas, so we had to collaborate on something and I'm so excited to finally announce what we are doing! Because we both love our respective cities, we are putting together a "Weekend Guide" mini series. For the next three Thursdays, Annie will be posting here on her weekend musts in Charleston + what she would wear, and I'll be doing the same on her blog for Nashville! We are both really excited to kick things off, but first, let's do a little meet and greet, shall we? P.S. - My Q&A is on Annie's blog!



On Harbour Island!

For once in my life, nothing. But, I’m watching Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Mindy Project religiously. 

Grilled cheese or spicy pad see-eu

Coffee and reading (Bible, blogs, etc.) in bed with Sugar (my chihuahua!!), brunch at Edmund’s Oast with my mom and BFFs from all over, afternoon walk by the water and south of Broad Street with my dad and Katie (our labrador), then dinner somewhere chill like Leon’s Oyster Shop with ALL of my people! I would finish the day with dessert (my grandmother’s pound cake + ice cream) and conversation. I like people + food, obviously.

Places would be Tim Cook (Apple CEO), and closet would be Jenna Lyons

Baking chocolate chip cookies for someone

The aesthetics of the city

Nashville, of course!

More than likely at a text from my BFF, Chill. She and Mindy Kaling pretty consistently make me laugh.


Next Thursday will be the first post of the Weekend Guide series, and it's all about our favorite place to grab a drink on a Friday or Saturday night! Hope you all enjoy, and don't forget to check out my Q&A on Annie's blog!

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Wednesday, October 8


I saw this dress as one of Tibi's new arrivals the other day and I'm kind of obsessing over it at the moment. It is completely, 100% out of my budget by about $450, but a girl can dream, right? I also have no occasion to wear it, but I can envision it for a more formal fall/winter wedding or holiday party. I also think it could work in the summer with some strappy sandals. The shape is very classic, but the feather trim gives it an edgy, fun twist. Gahhhhh, it's just too good.

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Tuesday, October 7


I started drafting this post last week, but didn't feel like I could post it, or it wasn't my place to post it. But I've decided to, because as much pretty and happy there is on this blog, it's also about life, and sometimes that unfortunately comes with sadness.

Last Monday I found out that someone I knew in college passed away unexpectedly. We weren't close  by any means, but in the Greek system at Indiana, everyone pretty much knew everyone and ran in overlapping circles. Like with any devastating news, I was caught completely off guard, but was also affected more than I thought I would be. I started thinking about his family, his girlfriend, his fraternity brothers, his friends, and what utter sadness, shock, and grief they had to be feeling, and my heart felt - and still feels - so very heavy.

Loss is never easy. When we are young, I think we go through our days without ever thinking that friends or family won't be there. They are supposed to be the constant in our lives, and you never think they won't be there until they aren't. If I don't talk to my friend Sunday night like we planned, it's okay, because there is always next Sunday. Unfortunately, we have no say in God's plan. 

My point of this post is that we cannot control what is going to happen to us, our family, our friends. What we can control is the love and appreciation we give while we are on this earth. Losing someone is a sad reminder how fragile life is. But it's also a reminder to hug the ones we love a little tighter, pick up the phone a little more often, plan a few more visits, live life a little fuller, and not take a single thing for granted.

You will be missed, Pat, and we will all see you later.

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Monday, October 6




Is it really Monday already?! I feel like it was just Friday and I was all antsy to get to Ole Miss for the weekend. 

Ummmmm y'all. This weekend was unreal and Ole Miss was on point in every possible way. On Saturday morning we got to the Grove around 8:30. My coworker and I were lucky enough to score some VIP Gameday passes (Thanks ESPN!) so we had a behind the scenes look at everything going on. At one point we thought we were going to be on TV but then the camera guy decided to film the cheerleaders instead... can't understand why???! 

After a fun morning and Katy Perry picking OLE MISS to win, I met up with my crew and had plenty of vodka lemonade drinks. The Grove was packed and so much fun. There was a ton of excitement around the game and so naturally I began to have #FOMO that I wasn't going into the game. I tried to find scalpers at the beginning of the game but there were literally none. After about 30 minutes of feeling sorry for myself and making friends with some random people at a tent, I decided to just try and get in with my own luck and charm. AND IT WORKED. Before I knew it I was sitting with my friends and Ole Miss was winning and intercepting in Bama's end zone and fans were rushing the field and goal posts were coming down. It was so crazy and I'm so happy for Ole Miss. Katy Perry seemed to have a good time too. Now onto Texas A&M - it never stops when you're in the SEC.

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Friday, October 3


Friday, I thought you would never get here. The week started out a little crazy with nonstop work meetings and that kind of threw my whole week off. But it's all good because I'm heading to OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI FOR GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!

I very admittedly am not from the South, nor did I go to an SEC school, but with two (soon to be 3) siblings attending SEC schools and a boyfriend with a deep love for Ole Miss, I think it's fair for me to jump on the bandwagon. This weekend I am cheering for the REBELS and I cannot wait. Being in the Grove is unlike any other experience and I love it. Oh, and did you know Katy Perry will be there? Casual.


Anyways, here's what's happening currently. Enjoy your weekend, party people!

WEARING // These heels from Banana Republic are worth owning in several colors. I have the navy and I'm not lying when I say they are so. comfortable. Right now they are 35% off with the code BRSHOP35.

LISTENING // The Dirty Guv'nahs are my jam. I am especially listening to their album Hearts on Fire nonstop. It feels like the perfect soundtrack to a tailgate or fall roadtrip.

READING // I came across Leandra's "The Thought Process of Getting Dressed" and was laughing out loud the entire time. Everything about it is true.

TRAVELING // I already told y'all I'm going to Ole Miss for the weekend, but I'm also working on a fun collaboration with my blog soul sista Annie. Good things coming next week!!!

WATCHING // Gone Girl is out. I read the book in a day and the hype around the movie seems to be pretty legit. Reese Witherspoon's The Good Lie also looks awesome.

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Wednesday, October 1


Happy October, everyone! I absolutely love the month of October and I'm going to try to pack every fall-ish thing I possibly can into this month. Pumpkin spice candles burning on repeat, a trip to the drive-in movie, pumpkin carving, Halloween movies... yep, I love it all!

In other news, I have a recent clothing obsession. Have you all heard of Everlane? They make beautiful basic clothing like tshirts, tanks, blouses, etc., but unlike major labels and brands, they don't mark the price up 8x before selling. Isn't it the worst when you are spending $30+ dollars on a stupid white t-shirt that isn't even that great? Well, Everlane totally solves that problem.

I got the Ryan tank in the mail on Friday and I'm embarrassed proud to say I wore it 3 times in 5 days. The fit is perfect. It's loose, while still flattering. And it's made of rayon, so it's super slinky and soft. Not kidding, I'm going to order it in every color - that's how much I love it. And it's only $20, which is SO MUCH CHEAPER than a tank from Vince (no hate, but this girl is on a budget).
  Also on my radar: the u-neck tee, the silk pocket blouse, and these beautiful loafers.

Want your basic world changed? Clicky click to buy. You're welcome.

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