Thursday, November 20


I can't believe that it's already time to start thinking about Christmas gifts! My blog feed has been filled with holiday gift guides, and I apologize for another, but hopefully mine are a little different and not one of the same!

I thought I would start off with what is on MY wishlist this season. One of the big things I'd like is a new purse for occasions. I have a couple clutches, which are great, but I'm in the market for a nicer purse that can go from holiday parties to spring weddings to anywhere in between. I love this gold Tory Burch purse because it's classic and in my opinion, a neutral color. 

Silly and kind of random, but I would really like a cast iron skillet. And the Skinnytaste cookbook to go along with it. 

New perfume - oh man I need this. At first I thought about asking for the large 3.7 ounces, but there are several scents I love. With the rollerball, it's cheap enough to get a couple and easy to throw in your purse for midday (or mid-night) touch ups. I love the scent of See by Chloe and Tory Burch.

The C.Wonder lucite letter is sold out in "R", but should it come back in stock, it's on my list. I just think it's cool.

Fur vest, yes please. I would wear you every day and every night. Nothing smells better than a Volcano candle from Anthro, and this print from Kate Spade's limited edition salon wall collection is adorable. It reminds me to continue to travel and seek out new things! And the Loren Hope baubles, well, I love them. Everyone needs a little bling at Christmas, right?

I think that any of these items could be great gifts, no matter the person, but I will have more specific guides coming up next week. Stick around, friends! Merry Merry!


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Wednesday, November 19


I have been feeling pretty under the weather (I think 3 weekends straight of outdoor football games caught up to me) so posting has been light while I try to completely relax and go to sleep early after work. Tomorrow I have the first gift guide for you - so stay tuned! Don't want to miss it! Which by the way - how is it already November 19?!

Friday, November 14



I'm traveling yet again this weekend - this time to Athens, GA to see the Dawgs take on Auburn. It's the oldest rivalry in the south and this game is pretty huge for both teams. Now if Mizzou could lose to A&M....

Speaking of UGA, I think I was meant to be a video producer - I'll get to why soon. Nothing gets me more pumped or gives me more chills than a well produced sports video. One Shining Moment? Yep, I'm obsessed. The videos playing before football or basketball games? I absolutely love them. So naturally I freak out every time Georgia puts out a new hype video. This one welcoming back Gurley was released earlier this week and I'm obsessed. And then today, they released another video and I had chills the whole time. See what I mean? I should be a producer.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend, and #godawgs.

Thursday, November 13


So yesterday actually felt like winter, which I'm not ready for one bit. Is anyone else wondering where fall went?! With this sudden drop in temperatures, I've looked at my coat collection and decided I definitely need a winter coat update. I have some great coats for fancier occasions, but as for an everyday, great winter coat... that's missing. 

I've rounded up a few options that I love that are across the board in terms of price (especially when you consider Banana Republic's consistent 35-40% off deals!) I want something that hits mid thigh and is classic and I can wear for a few years, but with a little something different that makes it stand out from a peacoat. I personally am leaning towards 3 or 5, but 2 is sooo pretty with the red and the fur - what do you all think?!

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Wednesday, November 12


Have y'all heard about the Target + Toms collaboration? Target has hardcore ramped up promotion for it, but if not, let me inform. On November 16th, the two brands are launching a collaborated collection of gifts for the holiday season and for each item you purchase, you are donating a blanket, a week of meals, or a pair of shoes to someone in need.

Recently I've been pretty disappointed with Target's designer collaborations, but I am loving what TOMS has come up with. There are gifts for women, men, children, and the home, and it all has a very TOMS feel while being completely affordable (like a poncho for $24). And of course, I love that each purchase gives back. It's so easy during the holiday season to get caught up in finding the perfect gift, making sure the Christmas tree and house is decorated to perfection, sending the cutest card, while there are so many people in the world just trying to stay warm or find a meal.

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Monday, November 10


This past weekend I met up with 7 of my sorority sisters in Bloomington for the weekend. After a long work week, seeing great friends was the perfect remedy and we just had the best time together. I got into Bloomington late Friday night and met my Nashville roommate out for a quick drink while I waited for Claire and Ashley to get in from Cincinnati. They picked me up and we went to Theta, where we were staying, and just laid in the rec room and chatted for way, way longer than planned.

In the morning the rest of the girls drove down from Indianapolis and by 8:30, we were headed to Kilroys for early morning drinks. The rest of the day was spent stopping by tailgates, chatting at Theta, playing Sink the Biz for hours at Nicks, making up our own mini bar crawl, and ending the night with Qdoba burritos. I swear, there are days that I feel like it was just yesterday I was in college, and then your friend gets pelted with a beer can and you're home by 11:00 and it seems like a long, long time ago. 

I'm so, so glad that we made the random trip back to Bloomington. It had been so long since a group of us had been together back in Bloomington and I think we can all agree that it needs to happen much more often. I love living in Nashville, but there are definitely times that I'm jealous of all my friends in Indianapolis and how often they see each other. Luckily we have a few weddings in 2015, so we should be seeing each other much more often, which makes me feel very happy.

Have a great Monday!

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Tuesday, November 4



Rarely do I ever talk about my career here, but every now and then I work on something that I think you all might enjoy as well. For those who don't know, I work in advertising, and we just launched a Holiday Radio station on Pandora for one of my clients. I know November 4th might be a little early for Christmas cheer to kick in, but before we know it, I'm going to be posting gift guides and launch into full on holiday spirit. I'm not just saying this because I worked on the station, but it really is an awesome compilation of holiday music and perfect to listen to while decorating the tree, wrapping presents, frosting cookies, or hosting a holiday party. One less thing you have to worry about during the crazy month of December, right?!

Hope you all enjoy!


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