Thursday, February 19


Gap's new jeans, the oh-so trendy mules and bucket bag, cute new glassware for the barcart... just a few things that are on my radar this week!

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Wednesday, February 18


Y'all, I have a major addiction. Like it might be a problem. Have you seen HGTV's newest hit show Fixer Upper? It's a home renovation show based in Waco, TX. The hosts and renovators, Chip and Joanna Gaines are the cutest people ever with an amazing sense of design. I'm not kidding when I say I'm ready to pack my bags and move to Waco so they can design a home for me. 

I've always loved any kind of "before and after" - makeovers on Oprah, What Not To Wear, Trading Places... the list goes on - and Fixer Upper does not disappoint. Chip and Joanna are incredible. They literally can take any home at any budget and completely transform it into something entirely different, beautiful, and amazing. Every single time I watch I think "WHOA!" 

Like, what?! Also, I'm ready to move into that living room now.

No, that can't be the same house. But it is. 

Now, not every kitchen is in that bad of shape, but that is a total transformation. This entire house was actually a crazy transformation.

I think what I love more about Fixer Upper than other design and renovation shows is that I truly love Joanna's style. Obviously, not everything is completely my style, but I'm pinning and making mental notes for my someday house. Joanna does such a good job of making each home unique to the couple living there and it's the details that make the show so amazing. 

To get the Fixer Upper look, you can shop Magnolia Homes online! I love these wooden trays, this side table, this sign for a nursery, these bud vases... I could keep going. 


Have you seen Fixer Upper? What's your design style like?

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Tuesday, February 17


Happy Tuesday/Monday for those of you who had yesterday off! My office was open on President's Day, but we had a major snow/ice/sleet storm here in Nashville, so I decided not to risk the roads. It probably wasn't that major compared to what people in the northeast get, but I don't like to mess around with ice. Today the roads are supposed to be worse, but the sun's out, so we'll see how it goes. Right now I'm planning to work from my pj's! 

It's been awhile since I have done a weekend review, but this was a really fun one so it's worth sharing. On Friday night I met family friends out for drinks at Pinewood Social, which was a great kick off to the weekend. Pinewood Social isn't my favorite for dinner, but it's an awesome place to take out of town guests because it's such a unique space and concept. 

On Saturday I spent my Valentine's Day indoor rock climbing at Climb Nashville. For anyone who lives in Nashville - I highly recommend this as a weekend activity. We got the day pass, so we could rock climb all day and switch between the East and West locations. We started at East, which was great because it's much smaller and less hectic than the West location - good for beginners. 

After our first round of rock climbing (your hands really start to hurt!) I was starving so the solution was tacos. Is there ever a time tacos aren't a solution?! I took advantage of the fact we were in East Nashville (don't get over there as much as I would like) and went to Mas Tacos for the FIRST TIME. Y'all, how have I lived in Nashville for over two years and NEVER BEEN HERE? I think there's something wrong with me. The tacos were amazing and that grilled corn. Oh em gee. Unreal. 

After Mas Tacos, we went to the Climb Nashville West location where I climbed a 60ft+ wall. After I rewarded myself with queso and a margarita (more Mexican, obviously). The night was spent relaxing at home and drooling over these Kendra Scott earring beauties. I'm envisioning so many outfits with them!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well! How was your Valentine's Day and long weekend spent?


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Thursday, February 12


I don't talk about health and beauty products super often because to be honest, I stick to a pretty regular routine. But I have to share my newest face wash find with you all because it has totally transformed my skin and acne issues. Even better, it's under $10. 

Like most, I had acne as a teenager and into my college years. It wasn't awful, but I definitely signed onto Proactiv and used my Clarisonic religiously. Once I left college and had a more healthy lifestyle (aka not drinking and going out 4 nights a week), my skin mostly cleared up, with a few breakouts here and there. 

But in the past year or so, I have dealt with some pretty bad cystic acne on my neck. If you've never had it - you're lucky. It's these deep, cystic like lumps that just come out of nowhere and hang out on your neck for weeks at a time. They get red, they kind of itch - basically it's awful. My dermatologist gave me some medication to clear it up and it did for a little bit, but also left my skin super dry. My skin cleared up for about 2 months - it looked amazing in August - but come September and October, it was back to it's old ways and I was at a loss for several months.

Y'all, this face wash has kind of changed my life. I picked it up randomly while at Trader Joe's and after using it for about 3 weeks, my acne has almost entirely cleared up. I've gotten maybe one tiny, tiny flare up since, but it's not a big deal. My skin feels brighter, more even, and more tight (in a good way). I was worried it would make my face feel oily, but it doesn't at all. It lathers up and leaves my skin feeling super clean and healthy. I really can't say enough good things! Have y'all tried anything with similar results you love?

Now I'm on the lookout for a cream that can diminish my acne scares around my neck and jawline... any suggestions?

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Wednesday, February 11


Isn't Valentine's Day a funny holiday? Everyone has such different opinions on it - some love it and can't wait for more chocolate and flowers than they know what to do with, and others seriously despise the holiday. I think I fall somewhere in between. I'm not into having "the most romantic day ever", but I do think it's a good chance to stop and appreciate the people you love in your life, whether that's friends, family, or a significant other. What does freak me out (at least at this point in my life) is the idea of going to a fancy dinner where ONLY COUPLES are out. I don't know, it makes me feel like I'm in a weird cult or something. Thoughts in my head: "Why are there only parties of two?" "This couple isn't even talking, why are you at a restaurant?!" If you have similar feelings - here are 10 fun, non stuffy Valentine's Day date (or non-date) ideas.


1. Go cosmic bowling and eat tacos and drink margaritas after.
2. Stay in and have a game night (two person games, of course)
3. Spend the day volunteering (it's a Saturday after all) and grab some BBQ and beer after.
4. Pick 3 movies you both have never seen. Pop the popcorn, pour the wine, enjoy!
5. Be tourists for the day. Go to the places in your city you've wanted to go, but never do.
5. Two words - trampoline park.
6. If it's warm enough, rent bikes and bike around the city, stopping at favorite places for a lunch and a cupcake.
7. Visit a brewery or winery.
8. Again, if it's warm, pack a picnic and lay in a park.
9. Take a walk and take turns playing your favorite songs.
10. Make a dinner you've never made, turn on the tunes, and have a dance party in the kitchen.

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Tuesday, February 10


I'm sure you all feel the exact same way, but I am so, so incredibly ready for spring and summer. I want to say goodbye to heavy sweaters and boots for 6 months and say hello to sandals, skirts, and tanks!!

I've always thought of myself as a "dress" girl, in that I would typically reach for a dress over pants to wear on a night out or to work. In the past year or so, that has changed, and I have been gravitating much more towards separates (as I think the retail industry as a whole has). This spring I want to add some lightweight pant options to my closet. I have a pair of printed flowy pants from Anthropologie that I purchased years ago and they remain one of my go-to's and favorite pieces in my closet. I will definitely be purchasing this pair from J.Crew (grey and black?!) once Frugal February is over, and I am dying over the Calypso options (1 & 3). Actually, I'll take every single pair above!


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Thursday, February 5


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We've all seen the Chanel espadrilles on some of our favorite bloggers. While I would say I'm a heels person far more than a flats person, I can't deny how effortlessly chic these espadrilles look on everyone who wears them... and I'm kind of wanting some. But let's be honest, I'm not affording them anytime soon, so let's do what any smart girl would do - find the look alikes! Tory Burch has a pair that look pretty similar for $135 - much cheaper than the Chanel price tag. And leave it to Target to come out with an even more affordable pair - $25! I'm 5 days into Frugal February and I already want to make a purchase..... Someone stop me!!!!

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Tuesday, February 3


Do you all want to know something really exciting?

We are now officially in FEBRUARY! This means that despite the groundhog's prediction, we are one month further away from winter (bye bye, January!) and one month closer to spring. I think that's cause for celebration, don't you?

My typical form of celebration might be by buying myself something, but I'm participating in Frugal February. What is Frugal February you ask? Well, I'm not buying myself anything beyond basic necessities for the month of February. I figure February is a weird month anyways - it's not spring yet so I don't really need to buy warm weather clothes, but it's far enough into winter that I don't want to buy wintery clothes! Don't worry - I'll still be posting on all the things I'm lusting over!

I'm also taking it a step further and applying FF to eating out and happy hours. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because I realized so much of my paycheck goes towards these things and while I love a good happy hour and a Chipotle burrito bowl every now and then, I need to be more aware of how it adds up so quickly! It should also help me be more healthy - always a good thing. 

Feel like joining in? Please do! I'll need all the support I can get! I've included my rules below.


1. No retail purchase to be made (no matter how good the sale).
2. No eating out for lunch (on my own dime).
3. No eating out for dinner (on my own dime).
4. No spontaneous happy hours (only if planned far in advance because of an event or birthday).

Wish me luck!