Wednesday, November 21


Well, well. J.Crew is having a sale, and it's a pretty good one I'd say! 25% off ANYTHING -- so if you want to do some Christmas shopping or just shopping for yourself, now is a pretty good time! Especially for those items that rarely go on sale, like jeans and pixie and Minnie pants.. My sister and I just picked out a few jewelry gems that we would LOVE to get our hands on... 

And I wouldn't be upset about any of the following being added to my closet...

Happy Shopping!

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Tuesday, November 20


Left  //  Center  //  Right

For pretty much all of fall I have been wanting a fur vest. I think it's the perfect layer to add to pretty much anything when cold weather arrives. A chambray shirt, pretty blouse, chunky cable knit sweater, or even just a simple black long sleeve would all benefit from a vest in January, so I am determined to make one mine! I'm still debating what color fur I want. I love the pretty brown C.Wonder vest because I think it would go with pretty much everything and anything, but I'm also drawn to the idea of a black vest as well, like this one from Banana Republic. What do you think? Has anyone found a particular color of fur to be their favorite?

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Monday, November 19


Happy Monday! Hope everyone had the best weekend and has safe travels this week! This post today is for all my glasses wearing friends (but non-glasses wearers can enjoy as well!) as I introduce my newfound obsession: Warby Parker

I've had the same glasses since probably about freshman year, maybe earlier. They are in good shape, I've had my lenses changed once so I'm not walking around blind, but you know when you just don't like them anymore? That's where I am at. Most people probably have no clue I wear glasses because I literally never wear mine until I'm going to bed or waking up. I think after 6+ years, I can get a new pair. But this is the problem with glasses - it is SO hard to find a pair of frames that I actually like, at a reasonable price. 

Enter Warby Parker. A couple of friends decided that the eyewear industry was monopolized by a few large companies, keeping prices insanely high when they don't need to be. Every pair of glasses - frames AND lenses!!! - retail for $95. No more, no less. Since it's pretty much online based - with the exception of a few showrooms scattered across the nation, Warby Parker will send 5 frames of your choosing home to try on - for free. Once you select your frames, it's easy. You submit your lens prescription and BAM. New pair of glasses in 5-10 days. But what I really love is their mission. For every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a pair to a person in need. According to their site, almost 1 billion people in the world are without glasses, and they believe that everyone in the world deserves to see. Don't you?! I haven't ordered my glasses yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how they turn out. And if you're in the market for some new specs, try Warby Parker. Awesome price, awesome frames, awesome mission. 

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Tuesday, November 13


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Posting might be a little light this week as I'm trying to pack up my life and move! Anyone who knows me well is probably aware of my issues packing. It is hard enough for me to put clothes in a suitcase for a weekend away, so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to pack up my entire room.

For now, I'm going to leave ya'll with this awesome cover introduced to me by my friend Meghan. I love Whitney Houston's song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" but sometimes I'm not exactly in the mood for 80s disco tunes. Enter Ben Rector, doing a fabulous cover of Houston's hit. He makes this classic dance party song more chill, which is exactly what I need sometimes. I hope ya'll love it as much as I do :) Enjoy!


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Friday, November 9


Does anyone else wonder how it's already November 9th? Oh my gosh, I swear it was just September. Pretty soon I'll be breaking out the Christmas music and baking aka eating cookies like there's no tomorrow. I think part of this fast forwarding of time is because I went on a ridiculous number of trips from September 20th to this past weekend. Vail, Washington DC, Mississippi, Kansas City, and Athens... yep, pretty much hit every part of the United States. Each trip was so fun for different reasons and I'm a very lucky and blessed girl to travel as much as I did! Now I think my traveling will come to a standstill for a bit and I'll just enjoy my time soaking in everything Nashville :)

Have a great Friday everyone! And weekend :) See you Monday!

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Tuesday, November 6


Oh my gosh, ya'll. I can't tell you how happy I was yesterday. How happy I am TODAY! And no, it wasn't because of the election. After a long, long wait and countless amounts of tears, prayers, hairs falling out... I finally am able to say that I have a job!!!! I'll be working for The Buntin Group as an Assistant Media Planner. This is an official, benefits and salary, my own office kind of job. And it feels so, SO good. Even though this wait has been incredibly frustrating, it really does make it that much more rewarding.

So now I'm headed to Nashville, my new home (!), in less than 3 weeks! I am incredibly excited to be reunited with some of my best, best friends and make many more new friendships. The last year has had it's highs and lows, but I'm confident that this next year is going to be wonderful. With this new job, I've also kind of kicked myself into high gear with this blog, in case you didn't notice a couple updates, like the banner page. I've actually started making a editorial calendar so that I can deliver posts on the reg - how about that?! Seriously, I can't wait to share all of my adventures in Nashville.

See you soon, Music City!!!

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