Monday, April 29

Birthday Week

Whew I had a great weekend. I love being in Oxford and Double Decker is pretty awesome. Patrick and I had a great time - even when we were running home in the torrential downpour Saturday night!

So guess what! It's my birthday week! And I have a confession. I'm one of those people who loves my birthday. You know, the annoying person who lets everyone know at least 2 weeks ahead of time that it's coming up, celebrates for the entire month week just because, feels like the day should be rewarded in excessive amounts of cake, and typically has some sort of social event surrounding the day. Yep, that's usually me. Except this year, my birthday has completely and totally snuck up on me. I'm not quite sure where April has gone, but here we are and it's almost May and I'm almost 24. EEEEK. Cue the balloons and confetti... and gifts! Here are a few things that I think are great gifts - for myself or any twenty something girl.

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Thursday, April 25


Hooray it is FRIDAY! I feel like this week just sped by, which is always a happy thing. It's probably because I had a few fun things throughout the week - my parents came in town Wednesday and we did a little birthday dinner at The Southern and my friends and I did a little shopping last night. And now it's Friday!!! Do ya'll have wonderful plans for this weekend? I hope whether it's relaxing and watching a movie or taking a fun trip, you all have a fab Saturday and Sunday!

I am headed to Oxford, Mississippi for Double Decker weekend at Ole Miss. Double Decker is a huge arts festival on the Oxford Square with tons of live music, good food and original art. There is typically a baseball game over the weekend, which is a really fun time as well - Ole Miss has a great fan base. Since Patrick and I haven't been there since OCTOBER (seems like forever), both of us are super excited. Him more than me, most likely, since that is his alma mater and all... but what can I say, Oxford holds a special place in my heart :) 

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Anyone who follows this blog knows it's no secret that I love J.Crew. I have for a very long time, back when critter shorts, Jackie cardigans, and flip flops filled the store. I think we can all agree that while we love these classics, J.Crew has significantly upped their game (but sadly their price as well). One of my favorite things about J.Crew is that they take classic styles and pieces and give them just enough of an edge to make them special - and a tiny bit trendy. Although the price tag is steeper than a Gap or Target or whatever, it is in my opinion, totally and completely worth it. With that, I am absolutely loving the new arrivals and seriously win a shopping spree there - like back in the day when Nickelodeon let kids run through Toys R Us for 5 minutes and grab as much as they could. That would be my dream. But back to the 'Crew - I'm loving the colors, the prints, and well, the combinations. J.Crew seriously knows what's up when it comes to style and putting pieces together. 

Want some really great news? In case you haven't already seen it on another blog or gotten an email? Through Sunday, J.Crew is offering 25% off any purchase and 30% off if you're a Cardmember. Just enter SPRINGBEST at checkout. How about that little treat for a closet refresh?! Just in time to pick through the new arrivals too!

Have a Happy Thursday! So close to the weekend!!!

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Wednesday, April 24

Still Here!

Well, it's been over a month since I posted. Don't ask what got into me. I was on a roll and then just stopped. Lack of creativity? Maybe. Busy? Sure. But I've also been doing a little blog maintenance. You may notice I changed the blog title to "Love Your Life" to "Love This Life". This decision was partly based on being able to own my own domain name - instead of having to remember my Blogspot URL, it's now a simple So much easier, right?! I also decided "Love This Life" made more sense, since the blog is all about this life I'm living. It's the little things, right?

I've also joined Bloglovin. For those of you who follow other bloggers on a regular basis and don't use Bloglovin, I strongly recommend it. You simply find the blogs you want to follow, add them to your stream, and Bloglovin automatically updates when a blogger posts something new. Check it out, and if you love it, be sure to follow me! Finally, I have made a Facebook page for the blog. This way it won't interfere with my personal Facebook page and those who want to follow the blog can, even if they aren't Facebook friends with me. Now go like my page!

Enough with the technical updates. Here's what I've been up to!

From left to right: Playing with my cousin's sweet daughter, Olive, over Easter weekend... I can't get enough of her! // Dying Easter eggs with my wonderful family // Spending weekend nights out in Midtown with my favorite guy // Spring has finally bloomed and I captured this pretty picture in front of the Frist Art Museum // Drinks in The Gulch with my lovely roommate // All For The Hall Concert hosted by Keith Urban and Vince Gill - one of my favorite things I've been to in Nashville so far. Amazing performances by Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Willie Nelson, Montgomery Gentry, and Roseanne Cash, all proceeds going to the Country Music Hall of Fame!

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