Monday, October 14


I think I'm done traveling... at least for a couple weeks :) I spent the past weekend in Louisville/Lexington for the Kentucky Double - Keeneland in the morning/afternoon, UK game after. Sara Michael, one of my best friends from college, lives in Louisville and since she had just celebrated her birthday earlier in the week, it was the perfect reason to go see her and continue in the birthday celebrations. 

We joined Smike's friend group of 35+ twenty somethings and rode a school bus (yes) to Keeneland, where we tailgated all morning, watched some races, socialized, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Post Keeneland, the bus took us to UK's football stadium, where we tailgated more. Highlight of the night? Me, Sara Michael, and Janie made it on the jumbotron at the game! It was hysterical... and now we are basically celebrities.

It was such a great weekend, and I'm so glad that Sara Michael and I are only 2.5 hours away from each other... except it would be so much better if she just moved here post law school! I hope you all had a relaxing/fun/happy weekend, and your Monday is going well!

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Thursday, October 10


Y'all, this week has been crazy. Work is officially in busy season and I have been up to my eyeballs in excel documents and powerpoints. But let's forget all of that and look at this beautiful, oxblood, studded J.Crew clutch. I mean, it's perfect for fall. 

Why do you do this to me, J.Crew?!


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Monday, October 7


I'm badly in need of a good haircut and highlights. I haven't gotten a trim since June and highlights since May, and it's now October. Whoops. Life of a poor twenty-something, I guess. 

Unfortunately, I don't think I can put off a cut much longer. And recently I've been thinking I'd like to cut off more than my typical 1 inch. I really love my long hair and feel like I've waited awhile for it to be the length it is, but I think I need a bit of a change. The above pictures are my go-to inspiration. I like that my hair would still be long, but short enough that it will have more body and volume, and look a lot healthier. After a few weeks of considering the change, I think I'm ready! Now to book the appointment!

Happy Monday!

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Thursday, October 3


Whoa - October really crept up on me! But isn't fall one of the best seasons? Seriously - crisper temperatures, pumpkins, chili, football, boots & sweaters... Ah I am so ready for it! It's getting cooler here in the nights, but still warm during the day. In the meantime, I'm decorating our house with pumpkins and all things fall. I think these glitter pumpkins are the cutest, and while I don't think I could get crafty enough to make them into a candle holder, I think they would be a great decoration! I'm currently finishing up this DIY (more on that later), but once I have completed that project, I think I'll move to these adorable pumpkins!

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Tuesday, October 1


Confession: I don't have unlimited funds to buy all the fall clothes I want. In fact, I have to be pretty strategic in what I want buy because funds can get a leeeetle tight. Being on a budget is always tricky with the changing seasons because I want to buy just about everything in sight, especially when I walk in J.Crew. It's like all the clothes are just screaming at me "Buy me! Buy me!" One thing that is on my fall necessity list is a good pair of booties. Last year, I bought an awesome pair of black suede wedges from Nine West that got me through the winter months. Now I would love a more casual pair for every day fall wear. Although the above aren't made out of leather, I think they are pretty good options for a girl on a budget! Plus, you can always count on Target, and Old Navy has definitely been stepping their game. I'm thinking #2 or #6 need to be made mine.

Do y'all have any favorite places to get shoes on a budget?

Boots: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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I just love being home. After living in Atlanta and being a plane ride away from my family, I absolutely love, love, love that I am only a drive away. This past weekend was the Illinois-Miami of Ohio game and since a ton of my Champaign friends went to Miami, it was an obvious time for a reunion. It was such a short trip, but as always it was wonderful being with my friends. We are in Nashville, DC, Cincinnati, and Chicago, so reunions are few and hard to come by. We had a great day tailgating with our families and friends, watching Illinois crush Miami and then the Dawgs take on the Tigers (Go Georgia!). We played beersbie at the Hobbs, scarfed down Monicals pizza and Custard Cup, and fell asleep way earlier than planned. Sunday brought church and relaxation with my family, and it went by all too fast! I headed back to Nashville sad to be leaving such wonderful people, but very blessed to have them all in my life.

Happy Tuesday!

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