Wednesday, May 29


In *hopefully* a few weeks I will be moving into a new home, so to say that decorating is on my brain would be an understatement. When I saw this "Hey Y'all" print on Pinterest, I knew I had had had to have it somewhere in my new house. Is it not the cutest? Even cooler is that the girl who designed it (check out her Etsy store) lives in Nashville - love supporting someone from my own city! Even more exciting was that I found a new blog, which I love. It's kind of insane how many bloggers there are in the world, and so many of them so successful and talented at what they do. The Hunted Interior is an awesome design and lifestyle blog is penned by Kristin Jackson who lives in Atlanta and has a seriously great eye when it comes to interior decorating. I'm considering my pinning a double success!


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Tuesday, May 28


Did everyone have a fabulous Memorial Day? I can't even explain how much I loved having Monday off. That extra day just made such a difference and the best part? Today is Wednesday. AKA 2 more mornings that I have to wake up early for work. Thumbs up y'all, thumbs up. 

Anyways, I had a pretty great weekend given that I had no plans going into it. Initially, I had thought I would go to Hilton Head, but then things just didn't pan out. So I spent my Friday night at Soulshine in Midtown, hanging out on the patio, listening to music and drinking my Blue Moon.

Tasty looking, huh?! Anyways, then I get a text in one of my group chats from my best friend Ali, and it starts off something like "So I didn't know who to call first but......." and I naturally start FREAKING out because I know exactly what that text is going to say. And I was right - SHE IS ENGAGED! Her fiance, the one and only Daniel Bowen, proposed in Hilton Head right on the beach where essentially they met (we all lifeguarded together). I could not be more happy for them - talk about one of the best, sweetest, loving couples I know. Such an exciting, exciting time and I cannot wait for all of the festivities ahead, celebrating these beautiful, wonderful friends of mine!

The happy couple almost 3 years ago at the Hilton Head Diner :)

For the rest of the weekend, I spent most my time at the pool and it was so nice to finally soak in some rays after arguably one of the worst springs I've had to endure in my recent memory. Saturday night I went out with friends and now I'm to the second half of my post title. After a cookout at Patrick's, we decided to go to Loser's for a "few beers" (let's be honest, that never happens). We were casually drinking Bud Lights when KP is like "Oh my gosh Justin Timberlake is here." 

Okay. It's not really Justin Timberlake. At least, I don't think so. He wasn't with Jessica Biel. But can we talk about how this man is the doppleganger of ALL dopplegangers?! Holy crap. Just google "Justin Timberlake in a hat" and you will agree with me if you're crazy and don't already. We had a grand time with him, and even though I kept forgetting his name, it was okay because I could just call him JT. We tried to get him to sing Mirrors and Suit and Tie... and Senorita... but he wouldn't. 

Those are my Memorial Day weekend highlights. An engagement, Justin Timberlake, pool... Yep. Sounds great to me!


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Friday, May 17


Wheeeeeeee it's the weekend!!!! At the beginning of the week, I planned on staying around Nashville and enjoying what is supposed to be a sunny and rain-free Saturday and Sunday. On Wednesday my mom called me to see what I thought about coming home since both Jane and Peter are home and it's rare that we are all together. Not to mention, Illinois is hosting the men's tennis NCAA championship this weekend and as a former Illinois tennis groupie (more on that another time), it's pretty much necessary I go. So I'm headed off to the wonderful Champaign for the weekend!  And can I just say - I love that I can just drive home for a random weekend and it's not a huge ordeal!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend doing fun things!

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Wednesday, May 15


Has anyone seen Verizon's recent commercial for the iPhone camera? I think the spot is done really, really well. I think what makes it so good is how relatable it is - have we not all taken at least 5 of the same pictures in the commercial?

However, as much as I love my iPhone camera, I'm wanting something that takes better photos. The iPhone is great when you have natural light, but in anything dark, it's not so awesome. I'm thinking of something major, like this Canon Rebel. It seems to be a huge favorite and I loved my Canon Powershot, so I can only imagine that I'd feel the same about this one. This camera is obviously pricey, so I think I'm going to start a little savings plan for it and do research on other cameras as well. Do you all have a fancy-pants camera? If so, which one? Any recommendations?

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Tuesday, May 14


surprise sale save up to 75percent off through wednesday, may 15th at 11:59PM PT online only. all sales final. shop now.

Oh ya'll, this is good. I know I just posted about Kate Spade Saturday last week, but who doesn't love a Kate Spade surprise sale?! I know I do! Just think: purses, wallets, accessories, shoes, and clothing all marked way, way down. Check it out before it's all gone!

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Monday, May 13


After a couple weekends out of town, it was nice to be in Nashville, even if the weekend was jam packed. My mom and brother Peter came in town Thursday night and my dad and youngest brother David met them on Friday for the first and second round of men's tennis NCAA's. My dad played at Illinois, so he's a huge, huge fan. That's probably an understatement. I love when I get to see any member of my family, and having this many of us together was a special thing... we missed you, Jane!

Taking a little lunch break to see Illinois tennis

 My amazing family, minus Jane. Side note, where in the world did David get the tall genes?!

Saturday brought STEEPLECHASE! I've been looking forward to Steeplechase for quite some time and I have to say that it did not disappoint. For the first time in quite awhile, it did NOT rain on Saturday and the weather was pretty close to perfect. 

 Champaign loves - so fun to see Whitney!!!

 My beautiful friends before Steeplechase

On Sunday I finally saw The Great Gatsby. All I can say is O.M.G. I loved it. I guess it has drawn a lot of criticism from movie critics but I think they're all crazy. I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was the most perfect Gatsby - can't think of another actor in Hollywood that could do better. Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire were fantastic as well. True story - I cried at one point (hint, Daisy and Gatsby reconnecting and that Lana Del Ray song playing in the background). If you haven't seen the movie yet, I strongly, strongly recommend. For those that have seen it - what did you think? Were you as in love as I was?

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Wednesday, May 8


Have you heard about Kate Spade's new brand, Saturday? It's awesome - the same Kate Spade style we all know and love but with a little bit more edge and casualness to it... and way more affordable prices. I'm particularly loving these pieces - how fun is that brushstroke skirt?! And the light blue top has a fun cut out back - business in the front, party in the back! Kate Spade Saturday also carries handbags, home decor and accessories, and jewelry. I'm pretty in love.

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Tuesday, May 7


Guys. Life is great. I've spent the past 10 days in pure happiness, starting with a trip to Ole Miss. Patrick and I went to Oxford for Double Decker weekend (huge art festival with outdoor concerts all day Saturday) and even though the forecast said 80% chance of rain throughout the day, it held off until 11pm, just in time for our walk home from the bars. As always, it's great to be in Oxford. Definitely have developed a special place in my heart for it! Last week brought both our birthdays - I am May 1 and he is May 2! I spent the day celebrating with co-workers at a fun lunch, then out with my best friends at Puckett's Grocery. This weekend was the long-awaited Kentucky Derby and although it rained and was miserably cold, we made the most of it, thanks to an excellent stroke of luck and getting access to the Jockey Club.

 A wonderful weekend in Oxford for Double Decker.

 Birthday flowers from my co-workers

 Puckett's Grocery for a birthday dinner - such a fun scene.

Me and my main squeeze celebrating our back-to-back birthdays.

 Best friends.

 Derby weekend!

 Our view from the Jockey Club

 Great host, even better friend :)

Hope you all are having a great start of the week!

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