Wednesday, March 20


Okay, okay. 

Taqueria Del Sol isn't exactly a local restaurant... it's actually a chain. But it just came to Nashville and it only has 7 locations (4 of them in Georgia) and I'm obsessed. I first had Taqueria when I visited my sister in Athens and let's just say it was love at first taste, partly because I love any kind of Mexican food and also because it's so yummy. When I heard a rumor that it was coming to Nashville, I legitmately stalked the website and signed up for the newsletter so I wouldn't be out of the loop. Freak alert.

So what's the deal with Taqueria? Why is it so tasty? For one, it mixes Mexican, Southern, and Southwestern cuisines, bringing diners a blend of tastes, all at an affordable price. The menu features six different tacos and four enchiladas to choose from, as well as soups, sides, and my favorite - chips and queso/salsa/guac. Each week (I know this because I'm on the mailing list), there are different specials - usually a new taco, entree, and lunch special. Last week Taqueria had a fried shrimp taco and after I had it once, I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to go back on Saturday to eat it again! (Like I said, freak alert). This week one of the specials is Shrimp and Grits - my mom and sister's favorite thing. Taqueria also has a fully stocked bar with delish margaritas - the perfect warm weather drink.

And since I've expressed my love for ambience, Taqueria's got it. Located in 12 South, it's the perfect neighborhood establishment. The white washed walls with blue accents and high ceilings make it feel very open and fresh, and it's got some cool star lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Also - this isn't your sit-down-waiter-take-your-order place. No, no. But it is personal. You walk in the restaurant and are instantly greeted by who I would presume to be the manager. He lets you know the specials, tells you his recommendations, and you walk on up to a cash register to place your order.  No sooner have you found somewhere to sit - inside or on the outside patio - and gotten a drink than you're getting your chips and queso. It's not too long before you get your food - man, is it delicious - and you're incredibly full but also planning the next time you can have a fried shrimp taco. :)

The inside of Taqueria pre-open, just missing a giant sun painted on the back wall!

If you live near a Taqueria, hurry, hurry, hurry and get some Mexican in your belly!

images via me & Taqueria FB page

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Tuesday, March 19


If there's one thing I love, it's a good monogram. I wear my monogram necklace from Patrick almost every day and I'm saving my pennies to get a monogrammed swimsuit top and iPhone case. Given my monogram love, it's no wonder I'm equally in love with Haymarket Designs. Consider it your one-stop shop for everything personalized. From coozies to lucite trays to beach towels to iPad cases and everything in between, it is seriously the cutest. I personally think the melamine trays and coasters are a perfect gift for a newlywed couple and I've already determined I'll be having the coozies as wedding favors one day. I also love that they offer such a wide variety of patterns and ways to personalize, but it's honestly hard to settle on one style! Guess I'll just have to continue to buy :)

So many beach towel designs!

Such a cute idea for a bachelorette party or wedding.

iPad case and paper pad - because why shouldn't everything be personalized?!

A tray and coasters are the perfect housewarming gift!

All images via Haymarket Designs Instagram 

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Thursday, March 14


Since about October when I planned to move to Nashville, I knew I needed to invest in a pair of cowboy boots. I think there is something seriously wrong with living in this city and not owning a pair... which is something I've been guilty of for the past four months. I wanted a pair at Christmas, but didn't know what kind I wanted, so I decided to wait. Now that it's getting to be spring weather, I feel like it's the perfect transitional boot to wear with dresses and skirts. It's a must that I own a pair!

Luckily, when I opened my bank account in Nashville, I received a $50 gift card to be redeemed at a my choice of a large list of retailers. After much debating on where my money should go, I've decided this is the perfect opportunity to finally buy cowboy boots - and luckily Shepler's Westernwear was on the retailer list.

I'm thinking I'll get these - what do ya'll think? My sister has the same pair, but I think they sort of go with everything. Plus, they're not too expensive, so if I want to buy another pair later down the road, I won't feel guilty.

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Wednesday, March 13


Ya'll. It's Wednesday, which means another Nashville Eats - this time featuring The Southern. This restaurant is awesome and I can't just go without sharing raving about it!!! The Southern is new in town - located on 3rd Street, just past Bridgestone and the massive-almost-here-beautiful convention center, and a few blocks from Broadway and the honky tonks. I've now been there twice - once with Patrick and his mom, and another time for a work dinner. Holy moly, my meals get two thumbs up.

Pretty cool design on the floor

Old doors and chairs create a place for diners to sit while they wait for a table.

So what makes The Southern so good? Well first, the atmosphere and dining experience is great. Everyone is seated in a large room with a gigantic bar with more types of alcohol than I care to count at the center. It's got this neat tiling, the fans are all connected by some engineering genius. Not to mention, the ad agency I work for designed the menus, which kind of makes me love it even more. Please excuse the poor iPhone photography... my pictures don't quite capture the essence of the restaurant, but hopefully you get a good idea.

General eating area, with huge bar in the background. If you look close enough, you can see the fans!

And the food - WOW. On my most recent visit, I literally felt like I dined like a queen. We had oysters for an appetizer (yes, this typically picky eater actually tried one!), along with the Saphire Steak Biscuits and the Dominican Pork, a Caribbean-spiced pork that came with mango pico on top of a sweet potato grit cake. If you are in for lunch, I highly recommend getting one of these two things. For dinner, I had the filet. I don't know if I just hadn't eaten steak in so long that it tasted so delicious, but I think it was actually that good. It comes topped with a complimenting red balsamic glaze with mashed potatoes and asparagus on the side. You seriously can't leave disappointed and I'm most definitely looking forward to the next time I can go.

If you like a sauce so much, you can buy it and take it home with you!

So many sauces to try and buy!

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Isn't the beginning of spring just wonderful? I apologize in advance to all my friends living in states where it's still snowing, but I just am loving the fact that my 10 day forecast has warmer temps and sunny days. Something you should know about me: I get genuine happiness and giddiness over simple things like seasonal changes (I love when it turns to fall as well) and I have a slight craze with Daylight Savings in the spring. Yes, that hour of lost sleep is just miserable, but that only lasts for about a day and then we are onto longer days, which is so worth it! 

Example A: Today I was at work until 6:15 and it was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE!!!!!  Then I went to meet Patrick for dinner at Taqueria and it was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE!!!!! I don't think it actually got dark until 7:00, which makes me filled with glee. No joke. I'm a serious freak - but does anyone else agree with me?! There's just something about warmer weather and longer days that doesn't make me want to go straight home post work and crawl into sweatpants and my bed.... thank goodness because I don't know how much longer I can take of that! :) Now I want to find a bicycle and roam around a pretty brick paved city like the girls above. Doesn't that just seem lovely?

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Wednesday, March 6


One of my favorite things to do is try new places to eat. Living in Nashville, there are so many amazing restaurants to try, so my friends have made a bucket list of all the places we want to go. Luckily with my job, I have the chance to eat out a lot for lunches and dinners and try new restaurants I probably wouldn't otherwise. I'm starting a new series called "Nashville Eats" where every Wednesday I'll be posting about a restaurant I've been to and will give my opinion on it (since I'm such a foodie, HA).  Even if you don't live in Nashville, this should be fun to read - who knows when you could be heading down South and need a restaurant recommendation!

For my first "Nashville Eats," I'm taking you to The Pharmacy, which is located in East Nashville - an up and coming area with some pretty awesome restaurants. The Pharmacy is said to have arguably the best burgers in town... and I wouldn't disagree with that statement. I've been twice now and it has been delicious both times. I've ordered the cheeseburger and while that sounds boring - it comes with 3 types of cheese, garlic aoili and tomato. It's delish. Friends have gotten the chili cheeseburger and stroganoff burger as well and have raved about it. The Pharmacy also has an old school soda fountain where you can make just about whatever kind of soda your heart desires and their milkshakes are the

I also really love the atmosphere - I'm really big on a restaurant's ambience. If I don't like the feeling I get from it, I'm probably going to like the food a little less. The Pharmacy delivers on ambience. It's just cool inside, and outside, they have a huge outdoor seating area where you can sit at picnic tables underneath strands of white lights. Just another reason I'm excited for this weather to warm up!

If you haven't been to The Pharmacy and live in Nashville, it's in your best interest to go as soon as you can. If you live out of town, make sure to add it to your checklist when you visit. If you have been, wouldn't you agree that it's pretty amazing? I'm definitely a believer!

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Tuesday, March 5


With spring right around the corner, my clothing wish list continues to grow and grow. Maxi dress, maxi skirt. Denim vest. Floral jeans. New dresses. Strappy shoes. Yep.... it's about a mile long. One piece I think would be the perfect addition to my closet is a silk cami. I've long been admiring Tibi's silk camis in both the the style above and the halter version. Unfortunately, I haven't been admiring the price tag as much. Splurging $158 for a silk cami isn't exactly a casual purchase. Luckily, J.Crew has introduced an updated version of their silk cami in time for spring. While J.Crew's version is still just under $100, it's a little bit more manageable and almost an identical product. I personally love the citrus and lavender - wouldn't they look great with a good tan?!

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