Monday, March 31


I mentioned last Friday that I was headed to DC for the weekend for Taste of the South. What a fun weekend!!! It's becoming increasingly difficult and rare for so many of my friends to be in one place, but when we are, it's a blast. 

We watched plenty of basketball, had a boozy brunch (something Nashville is seriously lacking), and ate a ton of puppy chow (thanks Whitney). Saturday night was the main event - TOTS - awesome swag bags (I have 8 new coozies), awesome food and AWESOME dancing. I think we were dancing for 4 hours straight, which is totally typical. It was so great to be together. As my friend Kaitlyn and I said, we just like being in each others presence! Luckily, it's our friend Ali's bachelorette party in just 33 (no one's counting...) days at the Kentucky Derby, so we get Round 2 all over again! Cannot wait.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 28


Happy Friday! This post is coming straight from the Nashville airport.

I'm really sorry about the radio silence this week. It was a busy weekend with friends in town and this work week didn't slow down at all, with plans every. single. night. I'm not complaining, everything was fun, but I feel like I've just been going non-stop. Can someone tell me what even happened in March? I swear it has flown by way more quickly than other months. No excuses though, I'm going to be better and get back to my regular posting come Monday.

A few things I'm loving on this week... can you tell I'm ready for the pool, warm summer nights and al fresco dinners?! It actually snowed on Tuesday - talk about a sick joke by Mother Nature.

This weekend I'm heading off to Washington DC for a huge party known as TOTS (Taste of the South). Couldn't be more excited to be with best friends, in our nation's capitol, breaking it down on the dance floor. Currently waiting on a plane to arrive so I can actually get there... Got to love traveling. Hope you all have fun plans this weekend - and I'll be back on Monday with a recap of my trip!


Furbish Studio Ikat Pillow
Lilly Pulitzer Tumblers
Ark & Co. Maxi Dress
J.Crew Flower Petals Bracelet
J.Crew Pave Line Drop Earrings
Oh Joy! For Target Ice Bucket
Boden Beach Tunic
Sole Society Wedges

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Friday, March 21


I'm a big fan of Warby Parker. I posted about them over a year ago and finally purchased my first pair of glasses this winter. Safe to say I'm obsessed. As if the awesome selection and low price point wasn't great enough - $95 for frames and lenses - for every pair of glasses purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. Another bonus: they also sell sunglasses. Talk about clutch.

With the warmer months approaching, it's time to look into a new pair of shades. Wouldn't you know - Warby Parker has introduced a new summer line, the Spectrum Sun Collection, just in time for all of us dying for anything that resembles sun and summer. I've recently been in the mentality that if I dress the part of spring, it will happen. So if I buy new sunglasses, it will have to be time to lay out at the pool, right?!

I'm personally loving the Dean in Striped Olive, or the Hall in Whiskey Tortoise (same color as my regular glasses!) And don't get thinking these are only options for ladies. The Dean and Downing are available for men as well - a great gift for the man (or woman if any men are reading this blog) in your life! If you live in Nashville, you can check out the collection in person at Imogene + Willie.


Do you own a pair of Warby Parker's? What do you think?

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Wednesday, March 19


Top: Love Stitch (from The Perfect Pair, a local boutique), Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: Target

Another outfit post! It is finally getting warmer in Nashville (although Monday was in the 30s) and it's making me so happy because it's time to switch into springy clothes! I picked up this top at a great local boutique, The Perfect Pair, a couple weeks ago and it's instantly become a closet favorite. How great is the laser cut sleeve detailing? Pairing it with a good pair of jeans and these shoes makes for an easy but great outfit in early spring. I predicted about a month or so ago these shoes from Target would be my go-to pair for the month of March and I couldn't have been more right. Go buy a pair immediately. You will be so happy you did!

Have a great Wednesday!


Photos by Sara-Lane Baskin

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Monday, March 17


J.Crew is having a sale (really no surprise there though) and I'd say it's worth checking out. There is a lot of winter clothing, but there's also a good bit of early spring apparel that could carry you through May. You can never go wrong with marked down sweaters, blouses, or skirts. And just do yourself and your closet a favor and buy this skirt. It's universally flattering and a perfect weight for year-round wear. It's basically perfect. See my picks below.

image 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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Ever since seeing this image on Meredith's blog, I can't seem to get it out of my mind. Specifically, the girl in the pink jacket and her black mules. Oh em gee I love them. And after spending the better half of my afternoon pouring over the web to find them, I realized I knew exactly which designer was responsible. Tibi, of course. Which is rather cruel because these shoes ring in at a pretty $375, no tax or shipping included. Can Zara or Topshop please come in with a nice knockoff version under $60? That would be seriously appreciated. Because these puppies are pretty and I want to make them mine.

Have a good Monday & St. Patrick's Day!

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Wednesday, March 12


Sweater: J.Crew (sold out, similar), Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: Banana Republic (sold out, similar), Purse: J.Crew, Earrings: Loren Hope

Guys. Girls. Y'all. This is my first outfit post ever

I've been thinking about doing some form of an outfit post for awhile now. I've gotten to a point in blogging where I think that the content I share is good, but I want something to be more custom, something that's totally, originally me. I post a lot about clothes and style and what I like, so I think it only makes sense to show how that translates into in my every day life.

I don't have plans for this blog to ever, ever become 100% outfit posts. For one, I think I would stress out way too much if I had to put together a "blog worthy" outfit every. single. day. I totally commend those who do it because it would be way too much for me. Secondly, that's not what this blog is about. I want to encompass so much more than loving the clothes you wear every day.

So without further ado (I promise, these posts won't typically be this long), here's what I wore on a cold Wednesday last week. My photographer, Sara-Lane (we work together, and she is amazing), and I headed to 12 South for the first shoot. This outfit is so simple, but wonderful for just that. This sweater is one of my favorites. It hangs in such a nice way, is a great weight, and the leather elbow patches add a little something extra. I snagged my purse from J.Crew in an after Christmas sale and I'm so glad I did. It's the perfect size, and I love that I have the option to carry it on my shoulder or my arm.

So, what do you all think? Yay or nay outfit posts?!

Photos by Sara-Lane Baskin

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Tuesday, March 11


Growing up, taking care of my skin wasn't a huge concern. I was plagued with the typical teenager (and 20-something) acne, and fighting that battle was and has been my biggest concern. Over the past couple of months - and now that I'm approaching 25 in less than 2 months - I've become much more skincare-aware. I've never used an anti aging cream, a night cream, eye cream, nothing. I think it's time for a change, don't you?!
I've been trying a couple different products to see what kind of difference it can make in my skin, and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Up next on the test is Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. I've never thought to use Estee Lauder, but the reviews are very positive. It's supposed to reduce lines and wrinkles and smooth, hydrate, and strengthen skin. Sign me up!

Estee Lauder also has this cool skincare finder that matches you with the perfect products based on your skincare needs. It's only four steps, which makes finding the right skincare regimen so easy! There's also a foundation finder, if you're in the market for some new makeup.
And the best part? If you use this finder and make an Estee Lauder purchase at Macy's between now and March 23, you will receive an exclusive Lilly Pulitzer cosmetic bag and 7 piece Estee Lauder gift. How cute is that bag?! And for anyone thinking about trying the night repair, it's included in the gift. Win-win, isn't it?!


image 1 // 2 // 3

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Monday, March 10


This weekend was so perfect. It was the kind that you want to last forever, with no threat of work on Monday. After a really harsh and cold winter, the sun finally shone and Nashville got some temperatures in the high 60s. I think everyone in this city was celebrating outside. On Saturday I took a walk around the neighborhood, literally trying to soak in as much Vitamin D and fresh air as I could. 

The Grilled Cheeserie was parked in 12 South, so Patrick and I met there for lunch. The line was so long, which goes to show how good the grilled cheeses are. It's not Kraft singles going on these puppies (although I won't discriminate against any grilled cheese). We both got the Pimento & Chee and the wait was well worth it. Can't believe this was the first time I've had The Grilled Cheeserie!

Then me and some girlfriends headed to Midtown for a crawfish boil at Soulshine. We had such a great time being outside, listening to live music and (some of us) eating crawfish. Later in the evening, Mary Jeanne and I went to Patrick's for a cookout (how can you not love warm weather?!!) and then made our way back to Midtown for some fun at Loser's. It was too fun and just what I needed to get me out of this cold weather funk.

Hope you all had an equally great and sunny weekend. Now to tackle a full week of work.

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Friday, March 7


I'm just so glad it's the weekend, aren't you? I don't know why, but this week seems like it has just gone on forever. It is supposed to be springy and warm, so I'm planning on spending time outdoors in the sunshine, maybe grilling out or sitting on a patio, sipping a drink. Sunday is Daylight Savings, which officially means our days will be longer. That might be better than Christmas, at this point.

Things I'm loving this week: How perfect is this hot pink Equipment dress? It would be a closet go-to for me, and if pink isn't your thing, don't worry because it also comes in black and blue. This little purse from Gigi New York is the perfect color and size for the warm weather months ahead. It is big enough to hold a phone, credit card, and lip gloss, but small enough to look a little dressier than an everyday bag. The blue and green vases from Target's Threshold line (can Target do anything wrong?) are so pretty and I love the idea of pink peonies and tulips in them. Finally - my sister gifted me this awesome print for Christmas, along with 3 others. She's insanely talented (check out her website) and I'm just obsessed. I haven't hung them yet - how do you hang anything on plaster walls?? - but I can't wait to get them up.

Happy Friday, happy weekend!


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Thursday, March 6


I've got another recipe for you all this weekend, and guys, it's SO GOOD. This pasta has been a staple in my life for a long time. I grew up eating it - picking out the red peppers, of course - and it's still one of my favorite go-to's because it's so delicious and so easy to whip up. The recipe may look like it requires a lot of ingredients and work, but really it doesn't. Most things are low cost, or you already have it in your pantry. Plus, it makes amazing leftovers (I was eating it for every meal days later). The perfect weeknight meal, if you ask me. Even my picky boyfriend loves it, if that tells you anything about the magic of this pasta!


Ham & Red Pepper Pasta

3 tbsp butter
1/4 c olive oil
1 red pepper, diced
1 package Hormel diced ham
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 tbsp basil leaves 
4 tbsp freshly chopped parsley
1/2 teaspoon oregano
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 chicken bouillon cubes
1 c hot water
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 pound spaghetti

Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat, add olive oil. Stir in pepper, ham, and onions, and sautee until pepper and onion is tender. Add basil, parsley, garlic, and oregano. Cook for several minutes.

Heat water up to boiling in the microwave, and immediately add bouillon cubes and lemon juice after removing water from microwave. Stir to dissolve the cubes. Add to the ham and vegetable mixture. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and let simmer and thicken. 

Cook pasta. When the sauce has simmered and thickened enough, pour over pasta and toss in a serving bowl. Serve immediately. 

*please note that note all ingredients are key. Sometimes I don't have lemon juice or parsley on hand and it turns out just as delicious. 

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Wednesday, March 5


This past weekend I had a free movie from U-Verse, so obviously I decided to watch Oscar contender Blue Jasmine. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I did because it totally validated Cate Blanchett winning the Oscar for Best Actress. I mean, I think she's pretty amazing anyways, but her performance was just great in Blue Jasmine. I'm not going to give too much away, but she basically plays a crazy, privileged, college dropout wife who spent many years living on Park Ave, wearing Chanel and carrying Birkins, before her husband commits major fraud. And Cate nailed the role. 

Equally impressive was her character's wardrobe. The Chanel jacket above made many appearances, and I kind of love it. It's Chanel, so of course it's perfect. But who can really spend $2,000 on a jacket? Leave it to Zara to make a similar version. Add this top or this, and an initial belt (although I wouldn't go with H unless your name is Helen or it really is Hermes), and you're basically set. For thousands of dollars less, of course.

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Monday, March 3




One of my goals for 2014 was to start exercising more. After being nearly two months into 2014, I'm making getting fit a priority. I went to the gym twice last week and it was actually really nice. I was able to decompress and get any frustration and stress out through working out. I also started sleeping better through the night, which is definitely a plus.

Now that I'm becoming quite the exerciser (ha!) it's time to get some activewear. Typically I wear just a tshirt and shorts to the gym, but if I'm planning on sweating, I think it's better to get some breathable activewear. I've seen a lot of praise for Old Navy's workout gear and after browsing through their selection, I have to say I'm impressed. As great as it would be to rock Lululemon 24/7 at the gym, who really has the disposable income for a $60 top you're going to sweat in?! I mean that's just absurd to me. So Old Navy's price points are awesome and right on target with my budget, not to mention the clothes are cute! I'm definitely going to head out to Old Navy this weekend and pick up a few things. Then I'll be hitting the YMCA in style!

Have y'all ever worn Old Navy Activewear? What do you think?


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