Wednesday, January 29


I've been following the blog With Love From Kat for about a month now, and let me just say that I love Kat's style. When I think of my ideal personal style, she encompasses basically everything that I want it to be. What I love so much is that everything looks so effortless. She takes great basics and neutrals and makes them look so not boring and very chic. I also love that she re-wears a lot of her pieces, but in different ways. Girl has style. 


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When I think of Lands End, I think of catholic school uniforms. I didn't go to a catholic school growing up, but a ton of my friends did, and every summer they went to Lands End to stock up on some beautiful white polos, navy shorts and plaid skirts. Not exactly the coolest store growing up.

The other day, though, I was randomly on their website (probably a Pinterest click through) and realized that while not everything is for me, Lands End has some pretty good gear and at really, really affordable prices (especially when on sale). When I think of Lands End, I think of quality, so everything should be well made and long lasting. I would honestly buy any of the above, and there were some cozy looking sweaters and classic button downs that I wouldn't mind owning.  Lands End, way to step up your game from plaid skirts and polos. It's a good move.


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Tuesday, January 28


This past Sunday was definitely a fun-day. Me and seven other lovely bloggers of Blog Nashville had a little brunch at Pinewood Social, Nashville's newest hangout spot. It's safe to say I'm obsessed and already making plans to go back.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Pinewood Social, let me elaborate. A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to hear brothers Max and Ben Goldberg speak about the beginnings of their Nashville enterprises. They own a series of well known restaurants and bars in Nashville: Merchants, Paradise Park, The Catbird Seat, and The Patterson House. All establishments are fabulously wonderful and unique in their own way, whether it's Paradise Park with it's cheap drinks, green astroturf and tater tots and grilled cheese, or the famous Catbird Seat, with a meal that's more of an experience than just food on a plate.

Pinewood Social. The idea came because the Goldbergs were spending so much time in coffee houses and restaurants while working. Except the thing was they never felt like they could just sit for four hours and work, or hang out and meet up with people - they had to get up and give someone else a seat. And there was nowhere in Nashville where you could really do that. So the idea of Pinewood Social was born. 

It's a place where you can literally spend all day if you want. Brunch (waffles or chicken & biscuits!!!) or coffee in the morning, do a little work here and there, have lunch, bowl a little, do more work, meet friends for happy hour (the cocktails are awesome), get dinner and dessert - bam, you just spent your whole day in one place. I mean, to me it's brilliant. Plus, the aesthetic and just everything about it feels cool. It's a huge open warehouse with couches and booths and seating everywhere. It's inviting, it's warm, it's fun. It's the place you want to hang with your girlfriends over a long brunch, go on a date and bowl and have a few drinks, or just slump in a chair and read a good book. You can rent private rooms and karaoke with friends or have a viewing party for the Super Bowl. There's supposed to be a pool and bocce ball opening this spring. I mean, seriously. How much better can it get? Pinewood Social can literally be anything you want it to be. It's a place to meet.

Can you tell I'm obsessed? I warned you :) If you live in Nashville, add it to your must-do list. And if you're planning on visiting, also add it on your must-do list. I'm telling you - it won't disappoint.

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Sunday, January 26


There weren't too many "what the hell was she thinking" outfits at the Grammys, at least no Miley in a weird leotard or Lady Gaga in a costume made of meat, although Kacey Musgraves weird beadazzled light up dress was awful. Hands down, 100%, the star of the night was Taylor Swift. I'm not kidding, I can't even focus on anyone else's style because I'm just obsessing over what T.Swift did on the red carpet and stage. Let me just geek out for a second and then the obsessing will stop.

As soon as I saw her on the pre show with Ryan Seacrest I knew she was the best dressed. Her Gucci chain link dress was perfect beyond perfect, and I love that she styled it with simple jewelry and a ponytail. Not to mention when asked about it she responded with "It's like chain mail... I think it's bulletproof... It's really heavy." I mean, I think that about covers it.

And then just when I don't think she can get any better, she pulls out this masterpiece of a performance and dress. I'm particularly liking what her hair is doing and even thought to myself "okay, how can I make my hair look like that?" Maybe I need to almost break my neck in head whips.

This Grammys performance was just so raw and emotional and she killed it. Like always. So take that, Jake Gyllenhal. Five head whips and a standing ovation later and I'm pretty sure Taylor wins this one. If you missed the performance, check it out here.

Who was your favorite of the night? Dresses and/or performances?


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Saturday, January 25


My apologies for the day late Currently post! Blogger was being kind of weird yesterday when I tried to post, so I couldn't get this live. But here we are! This week, I am loving the most recent Everygirl apartment tour. Did you see it? I always enjoy the apartment tours, but this is probably my favorite in a really long time. Not to mention, the story was great as well. If you haven't seen, check it out ASAP! Other things on my radar: this great and affordable tortoiseshell cuff, a comfy shirt from Loft that I'm kicking myself for not grabbing while my size was in stock, and a pretty Valentine's Day card from Sugar Paper. The Archipelago Soy Milk lotion has been saving my skin during this cold, dry winter, which I have been over for about a month now! These sad gray skies make me want to brighten my day with this great spring/summer purse. So colorful and fun!


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Thursday, January 23


For Christmas, my sister gave me some prints that she made while still in school at Georgia. This past weekend I finally framed them and I'm obsessed. Last night while she was in town, we (and I mean she) started laying out the gallery wall to go above my couch. We realized that I needed a couple more prints to add a little more diversity to what I do have, so after a little Etsy searching, I found the above print from Pretty Chic. I personally love (ha!) it, and think it's going to be perfect when it all comes together - which I will definitely be showing on the blog!

If you are looking for a new addition to your walls, definitely check out the shop. There are so many cute options, like this and this, and they come in multiple sizes, which is great. 

Have a great Thursday!

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Tuesday, January 21


Tuesday has always my least favorite day of the week. 

In my opinion, Monday will always be Monday. Wednesday is one day closer to the weekend, happy hours are planned, and on Thursday, weekend plans are starting to form. Friday is obviously the start of the weekend. 

But poor little Tuesday always gets the cold shoulder from me. Which actually is so silly, because it's another day for great things to happen! Somewhere, someone is getting a promotion, giving birth to a new little baby, getting engaged to their soulmate, or traveling to a new city or country... and that is awesome

These little words of inspiration are exactly what I need on a Tuesday. I don't know if it can ever be a Friday, but maybe it can get a little bit closer. :)


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Monday, January 20


I think the last time I wore tennis shoes (besides for working out) was in the 8th grade, when K Swiss, Adidas, and Pumas were super cool to sport (or was that just at my school?!) Since then, I haven't particularly loved the look - something about them just doesn't look right on me, especially with jeans. Except this weekend I saw this picture on Pinterest, and this girl just looks so, super cool. She's casual but still fashionable and put together. It makes me totally want to go get some Converses right now and imitate this exact outfit. I could pull this look off, right?!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and if you have MLK Day off, still enjoying the weekend!



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Friday, January 17


This week's Currently has a theme to it, doesn't it?! I didn't even realize until about halfway through that everything I was adding had some black and gold in it, and then I just had to keep the theme going! This week I am loving some cute coasters from Sugar Paper that are perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day and this Threshold bench that I would love to have in my house... the question is where! I've loved the Kendra Scott pendant necklace for so long, and the bracelets from C.Wonder are just great accessories to any outfit (plus an extra 50% off!). If you have friends that are getting married, I highly suggest the adorable cocktail glasses from Furbish Studio. At only $18, they are such a good deal and a present that's different than hand towels. This jumpsuit rings in at under $100 - just barely - but it seems like something that you could have for years. And I've had my eye on this J.Crew jeweled shirt for awhile now... and it's 40% off.

I'm planning on spending my weekend relaxing - going to a movie tonight, maybe shop around Franklin tomorrow... ah it sounds nice to just hang, doesn't it?! Have a great weekend!


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Thursday, January 16


I have been noticing that open toed booties seem to be a trend this spring, which I am personally all for. I always have a challenge figuring out what to put on my feet in March/early April. I don't want to wear heavy winter boots, but it's also not quite seasonally appropriate to bring out the sandals and summer heels. These two options are pretty much exactly alike and offer similar colors of leather. The major difference is the Target version is less than half the price of the Steve Madden bootie... and of course, not actually real leather. But for $34.99, how can you pass these up?!


Steve Madden Open Toed Bootie
Target Open Toed Bootie

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Wednesday, January 15


Ugh. Y'all know when something that you have no control over happens and just puts you in a funk? That's where I've been about the past week. I'll spare all the details, but basically one of our pipes froze in the cold flash we had in Nashville which may have led to a couple other problems.

Anyways, I'm about 3 days late on this post, but I just have to share my favorite looks from the Golden Globes. I love awards season - especially the Golden Globes because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are so good, and all the celebs are drinking and having a good time, and go to the stage with a martini in  one hand and shoes in the other (Emma Thompson).

Lupita Nyong'o is glowing. I honestly love everything about this look. I like that she kept it simple and didn't throw on some crazy earrings or necklace. The dress does enough against her beautiful skin.

For her first major awards show red carpet appearance (at least I think?), Margot Robbie nailed it. This white Gucci gown is gorgeous on her and fits like a glove. I like that she paired it with simple but elegant jewelry and the emerald heels are a great touch. 

What I love about Amy Adams look is that she seems to have taken note from her American Hustle character. The plunging neckline with a simple pendant is on par with the movie, and I think it's cool that she's channeling that look. She looked great.

Cate Blanchett rocked it. Between her acceptance speech and her fabulous, gorgeous gown, she was great. This Armani Couture dress fits her perfectly and I love the earrings and the hair with it. The best part of the dress is the back - hello low back! Totally not what you would expect from the front, but amazing, nonetheless. 

Can't wait to see what these stars bring out at the Oscars in March. Who were your favorites?

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Friday, January 10


Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to the Currently series! All of this cold weather has really gotten me in the mood for spring and summer - and the clothes that come with warm temperatures! I'm more than ready to be laying at the pool and wearing sandals and skirts or dresses out.  Who is with me?! If only we could fast forward to April!


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Thursday, January 9


Not that I'm a home decor expert, but it seemed like wallpaper went through a little bit of a decor rut in the late 90s and 2000s. Paint was all the rage and I didn't even think to have wallpaper in my room instead of the Granny Smith Apple green (with a really cool daisy bedspread accompanying it). But recently, I feel like wallpaper has made a comeback and I'm actually really into it. I love the above images, and think that a really great design can make way more of an impact than paint. I don't know if I could ever wallpaper an entire bedroom, but I do think that it is a great option for small spaces like an entry way or a bathroom. 

What do you think? Are you on board with wallpaper or paint all the way?


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